Artist Spotlight: Traversable Wormhole

April 19, 2011
Artist Spotlight: Traversable Wormhole

The latest guise for industrial-techno veteran Adam X, Traversable Wormhole long operated as a deeply anonymous entity to overcome the built-in bias that comes with possessing a far-reaching and distinctive discography. The brother of Frankie Bones, Adam X (born Mitchell) first gained traction in the early 90s for a harder-edged Belgian form of techno that had emerged in reaction to the originating Detroit scene. The Adam X alias took Mitchell through four albums and countless singles up until 2008. But with Traversable Wormhole, Adam Mitchell has managed to use well-placed anonymity to reinvent his persona for a strong-willed, muscular brand of techno that he helped build and that has in recent years become the base sound for popular labels such as Ostgut Ton and other top techno labels. As such, Traversable Wormhole has become the vehicle for bringing our appreciation of the Adam X template back into the spotlight, where it can be newly evaluated without the baggage of preconception. And what a high evaluation it receives in this light!


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