MUTEK 2011 Caps Off a 12th Edition with Free Outdoor Events!

Quartier des Spectacles Comes Alive with Experience 5 à 7’s, Extra_Muros, and Metro Arts series

May 17, 2011
MUTEK 2011 Caps Off a 12th Edition with Free Outdoor Events!

MUTEK is incredibly pleased to announce the final strokes of its ambitious vision for the first five days of June. This year, as never before, the festival will come alive with a series of exciting outdoor events across the Quartier des spectacles that are designed to enhance the communal experience that attracts so many international travelers to the festival and to Montreal for the beginning of the summer cultural season.

At Place de la Paix, presented by Bande à part, four special showcases brimming with Montreal electronic talent will bring together festivalgoers for a quintessential Montrealais happy-hour tradition! In addition, all around the downtown core and into the metro system, festivalgoers and unsuspecting wanderers are invited to experience digital art that brings the city’s design and architecture to life.

Here's an overview of this year's free outdoor events:


MUTEK starts with community, and every community needs a place to convene. From June 1st to the 4th, Place de la Paix (just south of the Society for Arts and Technology) will host a series of free outdoor events called EXPÉRIENCE.

  • Wednesday, June 1st, the evening gets underway with a line-up of bold hip-hop and turntablism courtesy of MATHROSEN, DJBRACE, and KEN LO.
  • Thursday June 2nd, techno and house take centre stage, delivered by local up-and-comers MEEK, XAVIER LEBUIS, and SINTEG.
  • Friday June 3rd, the garage sounds of two-step and UK funky receive a Canadian interpretation through the skills of HISSY FIT, KNOWING LOOKS, and BOWLY.
  • Saturday, June 4th, several of the musicians contributing to the MUTATIONS sound walk – OLIVIER ALARY, NAVET CONFIT, DIANE LABROSSE,MONTAG and DOMINIC VANCHESTEING – will take over the Experience stage for a showcase of experimental sounds. Presented in collaboration with OFFTA, Partenariat du Quartier des spectacles, Bande à Part and SAT, the MUTATIONS sound walk takes place every day duringMUTEK and introduces festivalgoers to an entirely new way of viewing Montreal through portable sound.

Beyond the music, we're pleased to announce a first collaboration with the SAT's culinary laboratory team. Entitled FOODLAB, the project pairs some of Montreal's finest chefs with each evening's musical offerings. Housed in a transformed steel container that will be deployed on the Place de la Paix, chefs Martin Junea (Newtown), Simon Mathys (Bar & Boeuf), Steilo Perombelon (Les Cons Servent and Pullman) and Éric Dupuis (Taverne Square Dominion), will each take over one of the EXPÉRIENCE showcases to tempt your tastebuds.
Near the Foodlab, the MICROSOFT tent will be open daily from Wednesday to Saturday, and will feature an interactive zone that will let you capture those EXPÉRIENCE moments on camera and upload them live on the spot.


MUTEK ventures out farther into the Quartier des spectacles to surprise Montrealers in their daily lives. Those using Berri-UQAM metro station on June 1st, 2nd, and 3rd are in for a sonic surprise with the METRO ARTS series, presented in collaboration withSTM. From 4:30pm onwards on those days, transit riders will be treated to live performances by BOWLY, THE GULF STREAM, and MATEO MURPHY.


Further afield, presented by the Quartier des spectacles, the EXTRA_MUROS series will showcase Quebecois digital artists projecting larger-than-life designs onto several downtown buildings. At Parc Emilie-Gamelin, Janicke Morissette and David Fafard’s “Not One or the Other” will transform two towers into a giant canvas exhibiting the intricacies of human relationships. Meanwhile, nomIg’s Architextures_2011 presents a 21st century answer to graffiti, using light projections to tag the walls surrounding Place de la Paix. Finally, Jean-Sebastien Baillat and Guillaume Cardell present Period., a work that extends the experiential campaign developed for MUTEK 2011 and presented by UQAM on the facade of their Centre for Design. The projection weaves together the visual blocks and sounds ofMUTEK 2011’s campaign into a spontaneous tableau of inventive playfulness.

Taken together, these finishing touches cap off what we expect to be an incredibly rewarding and inspiring five days for MUTEK 2011.


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