Micro_MUTEK.ES Third Edition Reaches New Heights

Expanded 4-day format and new daytime conferences lead to 50% jump in attendance

February 28, 2012
Micro_MUTEK.ES Third Edition Reaches New Heights

After 4 days packed with performances and presentations by 30 artists from 12 different nationalities, MicroMUTEK.ES is pleased to announce that its 3rd edition reached new heights! With the addition of an extra day of events, an accompanying 50% rise in attendance as compared to the previous year, a notable increase in participation from local artists, and a first foray into workshops and advanced educational sessions, MUTEK.ES took a big leap this year in demonstrating its ever-growing value within Barcelona and Spain’s vibrant cultural fabric


MicroMutek.es - Barcelona 2012 [reporting by MetaCultura.info] from MetaCultura on Vimeo.

Headquartered at Bar 33/45, which took on a convivial atmosphere as festivalgoers, artists, and professionals became used to meeting up within its cozy confines at the start of each festival day, MicroMUTEK.ES explored a diversity of venues in downtown Barcelona, including Moog, Nitsa, Apolo, Music Hall, Miscelanea, and the Convent Sant Augustí. Within this panoply of locations, MUTEK.ES showcased the richness of Barcelona’s and Spain’s digital arts talent. Highlights include NIKKA, who alternated between exploring microscopic splashes of colour that were projected into the macro world via a microscope and creating a slow-building set of thick, powerful sound, as well as GUILLAMINO’s infectious live band act. Nominated as Spain’s best DJ in 2011 by Go-Mag, MARC PIÑOL kick-started the festival’s weekend Nocturne program, PULSHAR closed a tight set on a thunderous dubstep note, while TELENOIKA, an A/V collective recently honoured with Barcelona’s “Creativity and Innovation” prize that annually honours initiatives that contribute to the city’s cultural development, captivated a sold-out room during an afternoon of presentations, performances, how-to tutorials, and lively discussion.

International highlights were diverse in sound this year. Finland’s Sasu Ripatti surprised and delighted with his under-recognized, off-kilter house project LUOMO, UK’s SHACKLETON drew the crowd into a tribal, trance-inducing sonic ritual, DEADBEAT’s live rendition of his recent “Drawn & Quartered” album gathered an large early crowd and filled the Apolo with deep, spacey vibrations, while Germany’s BRANDT BRAUER FRICK trio, the indefatigable SAN PROPER, and jazzy Canadians DANUEL TATE and EDDIE C all pulled the crowd into an irresistible dancing whirlwind. THEO PARRISH closed the festival on a high note with his unparalleled blend of jazz, soul, funk, house and everything in between. 


MicroMUTEK.ES’s daytime professional program reached new heights this year both in terms of a strong attendance and the depth and variety of content presented. Deadbeat presented the festival’s first-ever Ableton Live workshop to an overflowing room, and all three artist Q&A series presented by the Red Bull Music Academy engaged a dedicated, repeat audience while also drawing some 500 listeners daily via the Struments radio livestream. 

Despite the exhaustion that was slowly setting in by the final festival day on Saturday February 11th, festivalgoers flocked to the Convent de Sant Augustí to participate in the first edition of MicroMUTEK.ES’s Experience program, an event conceived as a special showcase of local Catalan talent.

Offered free of charge to the public, the daytime event proved so popular that its (thankfully) modular room had to be expanded midway through the day to accommodate a crowd that saw people standing in every available nook and corner, even after more room was made. The event featured workshops by local producers ALBA G. CORRAL and ALEIX FERNANDEZ, an audiovisual mapping workshop/presentation by the above-mentioned Telenoika, and performances by audiovisual duos RAGUL + BLOWSHE and WHY + AV-K.

Above and beyond the incredible attendance and the unique, theatrical atmosphere of the Convent, the event was a sweeping success in terms of the diversity of topics and levels of difficulty explored – from basic principles to highly theoretical notions of sound an visual art – as well as for the type of audience present; festivalgoers that had been following the event since Wednesday’s opening night mixed with local artists, students, and professionals, as well as families and young audiences. The convivial atmosphere of exchange, experience, and collective learning reinforced the general feeling of community that notably permeated the festival this year, and which is one of the MUTEK family’s hallmarks around the world.

The festival organizers are extremely satisfied with the results of this 3rd edition, which consolidated the event’s reputation as an incubator and international platform for local creativity. A heartfelt thank you is extended to all participating artists, partners and sponsors, festivalgoers, and especially to the team of dedicated volunteers that made the event possible. 

Stay tuned as MUTEK.ES announces its next round of one-off Soirée MUTEK.ES events as well as new international collaborations. And see you at the 4th edition of MicroMUTEK.ES in February 2013!


MUTEK.ES would like to thank the following partners for supporting its 3rd edition: Red Bull, Ableton, Pat Comunicaciones, Resident Advisor, FACT, The Wire, XLR8R, Clubbingspain, Struments, Bar 33/45, Livesoundracks, Travelling Around Music, MOOG, Nitsa, Miscelanea, Telenoika, Go-Mag, Concepto Radio.



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