Welcome to the brand new MUTEK website!

A new multi-media platform offers online TV, radio networks and more

March 06, 2012
Welcome to the brand new MUTEK website!

With just over one week to go before announcing the first performers of its 2012 Montreal edition on March 13, MUTEK is very proud to launch its brand-new multimedia platform, MUTEK.org. The new web portal evolves the organization’s online ambitions. In years past, the goal was to present a more traditional information portal for news and updates on the festival’s Montreal and international activities.  Today, the long-running Canadian institution takes a major leap forward, toward a lifestyle magazine for all the cultural senses, geared toward appreciators of the digital arts the world round.  

Taking the festival’s reputation for cutting-edge programming as a mandate, the new website uses as its foundation the nearly 1000 artists who have already performed at MUTEK events in the past thirteen years.  With the line-up of each new edition or event, the website carousel of talent will grow.  In its current state, the sum of artists already represents a strain of digital creativity within electronic music that holds itself to a higher standard of innovation. Now, MUTEK offers a place for these artists to gather and grow.

The new MUTEK.org adds another dimension to what the festival can offer its artists once they’ve been chosen to perform at a MUTEK edition or event. The platform offers the following features:

MUTEK.TV: Blending network television with online content
MUTEK.TV is online television designed for 21st century media needs, a portal where MUTEK can collect all video relating to its artists, along with the surrounding worlds of digital creativity, contemporary regional culture and electronic music. Featuring an EXCLUSIVES channel dedicated to original programming created by the festival, such as this spring’s Digitalis contemporary-artist series MUTEK.TV also highlights the most recognizable attributes of the organization’s activities. A LIVE channel presents videos from the world of live electronic-arts performance, while the new NOCTURNE and A/VISIONS channels spotlight the best video work available from up-tempo and experimental artists respectively.

MUTEK.FM: Growing beyond the possibilities of traditional radio
MUTEK.FM evolves the previous site’s Podcasts section to suit the various modes of listening tendencies currently available in the world of online music. The new MUTEK LIVE and MUTEK PREVIEW channels are dedicated to recorded live sets from across Montreal and international editions, as well preview DJ sets created by artists. In the coming weeks, MUTEK.FM will also launch NOCTURNE and A/VISIONS radio streaming channels, spotlighting music from previous and upcoming festival performers. To add to the festival’s archive of recorded music, a SPECIAL EVENTS channel will be dedicated to live-stream broadcasts from MUTEK events around the world, as well as special DJ sessions.

MUTEK.MAG: A magazine for critical minds
Brought over from the previous versions of the website, the festival’s magazine continues the tradition of strong journalistic writing and artist interviews. Given the nature of reading online, in this new portal these written features offer greater diversity of styles. Along with our regular Interviews and Features sections, we launch an Opinions section, featuring guest blogs written by community professionals or artists.

MUTEK NEWS & COMMUNITY: The latest transmissions from the world of MUTEK
Brought over from the previous versions of the website, the NEWS section allows the organization’s stream of new information and press releases to be highlighted in their own section. Meanwhile, the new COMMUNITY section allows us to centralize all the new online content concerning MUTEK artists, expanding the festival’s orbit of information into an ongoing campaign around the international activities of MUTEK artists.

MUTEK ARCHIVES: Once a MUTEK artist, always a MUTEK artist
The new Archives update the previous site’s Macro_MUTEK portal, highlighting archives of MUTEK artists and events from past editions.  The updated portal arranges the content more effectively in three new sections that are easier to navigate. The CANADIAN ARTISTS section spotlights the long history of the organization’s support for Canadian electronic musicians and digital artists, and allows us to evolve our activities with the Canadian talent pool in future initiatives. The INTERNATIONAL ARTISTS section spotlights the long history of the organization’s efforts to act as a North American portal for international talent.  Meanwhile, the TIMELINE takes readers through a year-by-year spotlight of the MUTEK story.


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