MUTEK presents CINECHAMBER in North American Premiere

May 22-June 3: A Recombinant Media Labs project featuring works by BIOSPHERE, FENNESZ, ROBERT HENKE, and many more!

May 17, 2012
MUTEK presents CINECHAMBER in North American Premiere
MUTEK is honoured to present the North American festival debut of CINECHAMBER, a trailblazing performance project developed by Recombinant Media Labs (San Francisco). For this special event, which also marks MUTEK's return to Excentris, the Fellini space will do away with all seating to make room for 10 screens mounted on all four walls, shaking up the traditional film-going experience to create a wholly immersive environment.
For MUTEK, the CINECHAMBER has chosen two types of presentations: the Panorama programs and the CINECHAMBER Live modules.
The PANORAMA series consists of five programs of panoramic film projections, which bring together 41 original works, 20 of which will be presented in world premiere. Each of these program blocks will be repeated throughout the duration of CINECHAMBER at Excentris.
For CINECHAMBER LIVE, a dozen local and international artists will be invited to manipulate the intermodal platform live, and navigate the space as an audio-optical instrument or as instrumentalists working in analog or digital real-time formations. In certain instances, the CINECHAMBER will only be used as an optimized framework for presenting original musical performances. Seven different modules will be presented as part of the LIVE series, including some that will be broadcast twice.
RML was founded to research the qualities and artistic potential of spatial media synthesis. It does so by means of experiential engineering, or exploring processes that expand the aesthetic and technological boundaries of immersive installation, surround cinema, and multi-channel AV environments. RML acts as producer and presenter of hybrid cross-genre artworks, residencies, and concerts in the mobile exhibition theatre. The CINECHAMBER, a curated, nomadic intermodal platform is made possible by the artistic direction of Naut Humon, plus tech-operations directors Vance Galloway and Barry Threw.  
Individual tickets for the PANORAMA programs are on sale for $12 (+ taxes & service charges). The CINECHAMBER LIVE modules are on sale for $15 (+ taxes & service charges). And finally, a CINECHAMBER pass giving access to all 5 PANORAMA programs is also available for $30 (+ taxes & service charges).

May 22 - June 3, 1pm to 10pm daily
Excentris - 3536 boul. Saint-Laurent, Montréal

Tickets :

- Individual tickets for PANORAMA programs: $12 (+tx & sc)

Available here

- Individual tickets for CINECHAMBER LIVE modules: $15 (+tx & sc)

Available here

- Panorama Series Pass $30 (+tx & sc)
Available here
Info:,, (514) 847-2206  
Presented by Fondation Daniel Langlois  
Co-presented by MUTEK & Recombinant Media Labs 
In collaboration with Excentris 
In association with the International Digital Arts Biennial
With the technical support of Derivative

Schedule :

Please note that all program elements marked with an "*" indicate a world premiere.
 12$ (+tx & s.c.)
Captured experiential tracks from live archived concerts in the 2000's at the Recombinant Media Labs theatre in San Francisco. Wild swings from ambient to abrupt, on the vascillating vessel of simulative cinematic interventions.
Elsewhere, Anywhere / People are Friends 4.00 
Biosphere (Audio) & Egbert Mittelstadt (Video) [NO/DE] 
Path Leading to the High Grass 4.00 
Biosphere (Audio) & Egbert Mittelstadt (Video) [NO/DE]
cm:av_c 13.00 
Ryoichi Kurokawa [JP] 
Brilliant Noise 10.00 
SemiConductor [UK] 
Poa Alpina 4.00 
Biosphere (Audio) & Egbert Mittelstadt (Video) [NO/DE]
Halveplane v.4 + Flam v4.1 6.00 
Markus Popp aka Oval (Audio) & Masako Tanaka (Video) [DE/JP] 
Fluux Terminal 3.00 
Skoltz _Kolgen [CA] 
Umfeld 6,00 
Jochem Paap (Audio) & Scott Pagano (Video) [NL/ US] 
Static Room 3,00 
Scott Arford [US] 
Parallel Head 12.00 
Ryoichi Kurokawa [JP] 
Tuesday, May 22 (8:30pm) 
Thursday, May 24 (4pm, 8:30pm) 
Saturday, May 26 (1pm, 5:30pm) 
Sunday, May 27 (4pm) 
Tuesday, May 29 (2:30pm, 7pm) 
Wednesday, May 30 (1pm, 5:30pm, 10pm)  
Thursday, May 31 (4pm, 8:30pm) 
Sunday, June 3 (4pm)
12$ (+tx & s.c.) 
Macro and Micro fields of acceleration through oceanic overdrive, while thundrous glacial cracks in an Antarctic snowline peel away to reflect urbanesque undergrowths where a sense of plausibility and realism is retained even in the most abstract moments.   
The Cold Monolith 7.00 
Werner Dafeldecker & Lawrence English [AT/AU] 
Birds Fly 6.00 
Biosphere (Audio) & Egbert Mittelstadt (Video) [NO/DE] 
Portrait in Half Light* 6.00 
Jefre-Cantu Ledesma (Audio) & Paul Clipson (Video) [US] 
Panoramics_Saint-André #5* 7.00 
Francisco Lopez (Audio) & Cécile Martin (Video) [ES/CA] 
Reconstruct (Particle 3.0)* 10.00 
D-Fuse [UK] 
Saffron Revolution Forever 12.00 
Christian Fennesz (Audio) & Lillevan (Video) [AT/DE] 
Co-produced by RML & ECAS 
 Fundamental Forces - Version FF03 * 15.00 
Robert Henke (Audio) & Tarik Barri (Video) [DE/TR] 
Co-produced by RML & ECAS
Tuesday, May 22 (10pm) 
Friday, May 25 (1pm, 5:30pm, 10pm) 
Saturday, May 26 (2:30pm, 7pm) 
Monday, May 28 (4pm, 8:30pm) 
Tuesday, May 29 (4pm) 
Wednesday, May 30 (2:30pm, 7pm) 
Friday, June 1 (1pm, 5:30pm, 10pm)
12$ (+tx & s.c.) 
Audiovisual accounts assimilate materializations of distinctive or non-referential realms that either expose and lay bare a human thread, or thrive for order and cohesion inside the clouds of chaotic or random behaviors. 
Shika 7.00 
Biosphere (Audio) & Egbert Mittelstadt (Video) [NO/DE] 
Bones* 3.00 
The Soft Moon (Audio) & Ron Robinson (Video) [US] 
Exp -* 18.00 
Frank Bretschneider [DE] 
Loudthings Redux 14.00 
Telcosystems [NL] 
Lauma* 4,37 
Vladislav Delay (Audio) & AGF (Video) [FI/DE] 
Paroxysm 10.00 
Daniel Menche [US] 
Expose* 6.00 
Cécile Martin & Li Alin [ES/CA] 
Wednesday, May 23 (1pm, 5:30pm, 10pm) 
Friday, May 25 (2:30pm, 7pm) 
Saturday, May 26 (4pm) 
Monday, May 28 (1pm, 5:30pm, 10pm) 
Wednesday, May 30 (4pm, 8:30pm) 
Friday, June 1 (2:30pm, 7pm) 
Saturday, June 2 (8:30pm)
12$ (+tx & s.c.) 
The surround-sound paradigm as appliied to the panoramic image. Windows on passing worlds that fold, spindle and rotate into temporal orbital decognitions, lyrically transfiguring the analogic representations of perceived nature into digital streams of vertiginous sensing & emotion.
Xynaxis (Xenakis remix project) 6.00 
Naut Humon [US] 
Orbit Study 4.00 
Ryoichi Kurokawa [JP] 
Urban Horizon* 12.00 
Egbert Mittelstadt [DE] 
Maximum Future* 3.00 
S. Mason [CA] 
Concatenare_II* 5.00 
Louis Dufort [CA] 
Thresholds of Wraith* 4.00 
Masako Tanaka [JP] 
Circassian - The Oceanic Vortex* 5.47 
Christian Fennesz (Audio) & Lillevan (Video) [AT/DE] 
Space2space* 6.00 
Egbert Mittelstadt [DE] 
Static Swarm* 3.00 
Scott Arford [US] 
Orbit* 16.00 
Ryoichi Kurokawa [JP] 
Wednesday, May 23 (2:30pm, 7pm) 
Thursday, May 24 (1 pm, 5:30pm, 10pm) 
Friday, May 25 (4pm, 8:30pm) 
Sunday, May 27 (2:30pm, 7pm) 
Monday, May 28 (2:30pm, 7pm) 
Thursday, May 31 (1 pm, 5:30pm, 10pm) 
Friday, June 1 (4pm, 8:30pm) 
Sunday, June 3 (5:30pm)
12$ (+tx & s.c.) 
Expeditions to sonically modulate the visible companion. Colours out of time, and shadows out of space.  Ranging from bipolar kaleidoscopic saturations to dark and luminescent contrasts in motional tempos, moods and intensities. Pulse driven oscillations, plus a visit to a winter trembleland.
Have You Heard About Magenta?* 1.30 
Xárene Eskandar (Video) & Ken Nordine (Voice) [CA/US] 
FluxTank 5.00 
Andrey Kiritchenko & V4W.ENKO [UA] 
 DSLE - 1 15.00 
Edwin van der Heide [NL] 
 Turbulence - Convections* 6.50 
Fred Szymanski [US] 
 Ice Slice 7.00 
Egbert Mittelstadt [DE] 
Sol* 6.00 
Markus Popp aka Oval (Audio) & Masako Tanaka (Video) [DE/JP] 29.00 
Signal: Carsten Nicolai, Olaf Bender, Frank Bretschneider [DE] 
Co-produced by RML & ECAS
Wednesday May 23 (4pm, 8:30pm) 
Thursday May 24 (2:30pm, 7pm) 
 Sunday May 27 (1pm, 5:30pm) 
Tuesday May 29 (1pm, 5:30pm) 
Thursday May 31 (2:30pm, 7pm) 
Saturday June 2 (10pm)
For the RML CineChamber experience, several of the festival's performers and a handful of guests will present special live performances and virtual appearances.
Atheus [CA]
Biosphere [NO] & Egbert Mittelstadt [DE] present Raume 
Saturday, May 26 & Sunday, May 27 (9pm) - 15$ (+tx & s.c.)
(Concert audio)
Marsen Jules [DE] presents GLAST
Rrose [US]
Tuesday, May 29 (9pm) - 15$ (+tx & s.c.)
Biosphere [NO] & Egbert Mittelstadt [DE] present Raume 
Saturday, June 2 (1pm, 2:30pm) - 15$ (+tx & s.c.)
Edwin van der Heide [NL] presents DSLE-1 - Live edition 
Robin Fox [AU] presents New Works for Synchronator 
Saturday, June 2 (4:30pm, 6pm) - 15$ (+tx & s.c.)
(Installation live)
Artificiel [CA] present COLLISIONS
Sunday, June 3 (1pm to 3pm) - Free
Hyena Hive & Karl Lemieux [CA] present N/A
plus audio playback by Benjamin Thigpen, Ambrose Field, Antimatter & Novi_sad
Sunday, June 3 (7pm)  - 15$ (+tx & s.c.)
(Concert audio)
Maryanne Amacher [US] presents PLAYTHING
Sunday, June 3 (9pm) - 15$ (+tx & s.c.)

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