MUTEK Reveals the 2012 DIGI_Section Conference Series

May 31 - June 2: Featuring panels, presentations, workshops, and interviews

May 22, 2012
MUTEK Reveals the 2012 DIGI_Section Conference Series



As with every year, MUTEK 2012 takes a definitive interested in the issues underlying the industry, creativity, and production of the digital arts, and the daytime DIGI_Section series provides an outlet for the larger issues facing the community, as well as a forum to explore the latest technologies and speak to the most exciting creators.
Combining panels, presentations, workshops, and onstage interviews, MUTEK’s daytime program features a rich mixture of events that cater to the experienced professional, the emerging artist, or the curious observer.
May 31 - June 2, 10am to 5pm daily
Monument-National - 1182 Saint-Laurent blvd., Montréal
Presented by MOOG Audio
Once again this year, MUTEK takes advantage of having some of the most exciting names in electronic music in town to host two series of onstage interviews that dig deeper into the lives, philosophies, and careers of select artists. Resident Advisor Editor-in-chief Todd L. Burns returns once again to host the RA Live Exchanges, while The Wire Deputy Editor Frances Morgan joins the festival for the first time for The Wire Sessions.
Interviews by Frances Morgan (The Wire, deputy editor)
Keith Fullerton Whitman
Thursday, May 31st – 2pm
Balustrade, Monument National
Boston-based producer Keith Fullerton Whitman has spent the past two decades exploring the many faces of electronic avant-garde composition.
A Guy Called Gerald
Friday, June 1st – 2pm
Balustrade, Monument National
Acid-techno producer Gerald Simpson (better known as A Guy Called Gerald) has built a genre-busting body of work in nine albums and over fifty releases that span 25 years.
Kode 9, MFO, & Ms. Haptic
Saturday, June 2nd – 2pm
Balustrade, Monument National
Kode 9, MFO, and Ms. Haptic discuss Her Ghost, a collaborative performance project that reworks French director Chris Marker’s classic sci-fi film La Jetée.
Interviews by Todd L. Burns (Resident Advisor, editor-in-chief)
RA Live Exchange 1
Paul White
Thursday, May 31st – 4pm
Balustrade, Monument National
South London’s enigmatic hip-hop beatsmith Paul White has amassed a growing fan base with his exuberant, quirky production.
RA Live Exchange 2
Roly Porter
Friday, June 1st – 4pm
Balustrade, Monument National
Better known as one half of Vex’d, Roly Porter has used his solo ventures to explore the more experimental end of the electronic spectrum.
RA Live Exchange 3
Nicolas Jaar
Saturday, June 2nd – 4pm
Scène Financière Sun Life, Monument National
Born in New York but of Chilean heritage, Nicolas Jaar’s widely acclaimed debut album has met with resounding success on the international stage.
An international gathering for artists as well as industry professionals, MUTEK offers an ideal environment to discuss several of the pertinent issues underlying the art, creativity, and careers of the digital arts domain.  
Taking the Pulse of Canada's Electronic Culture
Thursday, May 31st – 1pm
Scène Financière Sun Life, Monument-National
For many years, Canadian electronic musicians who wanted to enjoy sustained careers had little choice but to move abroad. But now this dynamic appear to be changing. This round-table discussion gathers professionals from Canada' major scenes to explore whether widespread cultural growth is truly in the air for Canada's electronic producers.
Malcolm Levy (CA)
Ghislain Poirier (CA)
Max Ulis (CA)
Jeff van Harmelen (CA)
Dimitri Nasrallah (CA)
Performing Sound in a Post-Instrument World
Friday, June 1st – 1pm
Scène Financière Sun Life, Monument-National
Electronics and software have radically altered not only the sonic possibilities for music, but also the relationship between performer and instrument. When the cause-and-effect relationship between sound-creation tools and the sounds produced is subverted or reconfigured, what are the implications for a musical performance rendered invisible by technology?
Robin Fox (AU)
Robert Henke (DE)
Seth Horvitz (US)
Brian Lustmord (US)
Andy Battaglia (US)
The Space and Place of the Screen
Friday, June 1st – 3pm
Scène Financière Sun Life, Monument-National
While the creation of screen-reliant work remains largely conditioned by the dominant languages of cinema, television, and the internet, artists continue to grapple with the screen in critical and poetic ways. This panel will explore current practices that address the materiality of the screen, its contexts and sound/visual strategies.
Luc Courchesne (CA)
Philomène Longpré (CA)
Egbert Mittelstadt (DE)
Yan Breuleux (CA)
Cheryl Sim (CA)
Electronic Music: The FACTOR effect
Thursday, May 31st – 11am
Scène Financière Sun Life, Monument-National
Please join FACTOR at as we discuss our programs and how to navigate our funding system. We will discuss the industry as a whole, as well as how electronic music fits into what we do, and how we can help you get your art off the ground.
Greg van Bastelaar (Manager, Funded Projects: FACTOR)
Shevaughn Battle (Regional Education Coordinator, Quebec: FACTOR)
Ryhna Thompson (Envision Management/Music Managers Forum)
Gourmet Délice (Bonsound)
Presented by: FACTOR
ICAS/ECAS Presentation: Satellite Sonification
Thursday, May 31st - 11am
Balustrade, Monument-National
This presentation offers an introduction on how to produce sound based on a satellite's positional data via a demonstration of satellite signal sonification and a presentation of the mur.sat space art project that aims to send a collectively-owned satellite into orbit.  
Reni Hofmüller
Jogi Hofmüller
The presentation is open to all, and takes place in the Studio Hydro-Quebec (ground floor) of the Monument-National. Note that Day 1 is a presentation day, then followed by a 2-day hands-on workshop (see Workshop 4 below), which requires an RSVP.
This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This communication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.
Presenting partner: ECAS
Co-presenting Partners – ICAS + EACEA
Red Bull Music Academy Information Session
Thursday, May 31st - 3pm
Scène Financière Sun Life, Monument-National
The Red Bull Music Academy has travelled around the world, with stops in Berlin, Toronto, London, Madrid, Melbourne, Cape Town and, this fall, New York. During MUTEK, the Academy invites inspired vocalists, producers, musicians, instrumentalists, DJs and general music lovers to attend a session to learn more about the five weeks' worth of workshops, lectures, concerts, club nights, and all-round music exploration held in those unique cities.
Hosted by Mymanhenri
with RBMA participants TBC
Presented by Red Bull
A hub for technological innovation and creative education, MUTEK workshops bring together the advancements from the worlds of software and computing, and pair them with special classes offered by artists.  
A.P.P.I.A. Lab: Audio Presence Performance Immersive Art Lab
Monday, May 28 to Wednesday, May 30 -12:30pm to 5pm daily
Espace B (2nd Floor), PHI Centre (as part of MUTEK_Lab)
This three-day lab explores sound aesthetics and mental body awareness within a motion-tracking environment. Participants are invited to explore specific sounds for specific movements. How does the sound feel like in your body? How can movement change the texture of sound in order to make it more suitable to what we want to communicate toward an audience?
The A.P.P.I.A lab is divided into two components. The workshop is closed to 6 pre-registered participants (see RSVP info below), who will explore the A.P.P.I.A. environment in-depth, under the guidance of the workshop leaders. Registered participants are asked come with their own computer running Ableton MAX for Live, up to version 8.
The lunchtime session is open to the general public, who are invited to join Johanna Roggan in a series of exploratory and interpretative movements and sequences based on the Gaga dance improvisation method.
Daily schedule:
12:30pm – 2pm: Gaga based session open to external participants
2pm – 5pm: Workshop
Workshop leaders 
Matthias Härtig (
Johanna Roggan (
Thomas Dumke (
Joana Szlauderbach (
Maximum Number of Participants: 6 + waiting list
Please register in advance with MUTEK at:
This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This communication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein. The project is also supported by the Free State of Saxony and TMA Hellerau / CYNETART.
Presented by: ECAS + Freistaat Sachsen + TMA Hellerau
Co-presented by: ICAS + EACEA
Scène Financière Sun Life, Wednesday, May 30 (11am)
Place de la Paix, Thursday, May 31 to Saturday, June 2 (10am)
Our cities are works in progress. This workshop allows participants to produce a temporary installation exploring the hidden potential of urban space; the aim is to collaboratively intervene in Montreal’s public space by producing a temporary installation that will explore the potentials of urbanity as a place for interaction, informal meeting and imagination.
On the morning of first day, participants design an installation that reflects the current questioning and discussions surrounding contemporary cities. Construction begins the same afternoon.  The public is welcome to come watch its construction over the following three days.
Workshop leader
Markus Bader (raumlaborberlin)
Day one takes place at the Scène Financière Sun Life (ground floor) in the Monument-National, while the following days take place outdoors across the street, in the Place de la Paix park. Participants are asked to dress in work clothes. Wood and building materials will be provided.
Maximum number of participants: 15
Please register in advance at
Presenting partner: ECAS
Co-presenting partners: ICAS + Goethe-Institut + Quartier des spectacles + EACEA
Learning Derivative’s Touch Designer with Steve Mason (Obscura Digital)
Thursday May 31st & Friday June 1st (10:30am)
SAT Transform Room
Learn how TouchDesigner, the real-time visual development platform driving Amon Tobin’s ISAM, Plastikman Live and CineChamber, can be used for creating interactive media systems, immersive/projection mapping environments, music visuals, and rapid-prototyping creative impulses.
Workshop leaders Steve Mason and Barry Threw have produced remarkable large-scale architectural projections and interactive media experiences for San Francisco-based Obscura Digital. They are, by nature and in practice, consummate designers, technologists and developers who consistently break new ground in most forms of media/arts production. Greg Hermanovic, of course, is the founder and leader of the Derivative team that makes TouchDesigner. 
Technical Requirements:
Please come prepared with your laptop or PC running Windows 7, or Bootcamped Mac running Windows 7. Graphics card must be NVIDIA or ATI/AMD Radeon with 512 Meg graphics memory and the latest drivers. NVIDIA Geforce 9800, Quadro 1400  or better, or Radeon 5000 series or better. See 
To get the full value of this workshop, it is strongly recommended that participants study the “First Things to Know about TouchDesigner” video tutorials found on the Derivative Wiki. 
Workshop Leaders:
Greg Hermanovic
Maximum Number of Participants: 14
Please register in advance with Derivative at
Presented by: Derivative
Co-presented by: SAT
MaxMSP Workshop by Robin Fox
Thursday, May 31st, 2pm – 4pm
Studio Hydro-Québec, Monument-National
From neurobiology to cochlear implants, from analog synthesizers to audio controlled lasers, Robin Fox’s work knows no boundaries and no borders. Underpinning all of this work is the Max/MSP programming environment. This workshop gives insight into this eclectic artists process and is suitable for all interested in Max/MSP at a beginner to intermediate level. The workshop requires that participants have computers running Max 5.
Maximum number of participants: 15.
Please register with MUTEK in advance at
Satellite Sonification
June 1 – 2, 2012 (11am–3:30pm)
Scène Financière Sun Life, Monument-National
This two-day workshop follows an introductory presentation, and offers a hands-on experience on how to produce sound based on a satellite's positional data. Participants will learn how to acquire and use the TLE sets that describe satellite telemetry. A demonstration will also be provided for how to integrate this data into sound-generating software.
The workshop takes place as a field trip on Friday (rendez-vous at the Scène Financière Sun Life of the Monument-National (ground floor), and as an indoor session at the same location on Saturday.
Workshop Leaders:
Reni Hofmüller
Jogi Hofmüller
Maximum number of participants: 10
Please register with MUTEK in advance at
This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This communication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.
Presenting partner: ECAS
Copresenting Partners – ICAS + EACEA
Reason Masterclass with James Bernard from Propellerhead Software
Friday, June 1 st, 11am – 1pm
Studio Hydro-Québec, Monument-National
This is a rare chance to spend two hours with the world’s top Reason guru and get hands-on examples of how to take your productions to the next level. James will be covering topics that include Sound Design, Sequencing and Arrangement, and Mixing and Mastering. Don’t miss this event!
FIrst come, first serve. 
Presented by: Propellerhead
Ableton with Andrew Pekler
Friday, June 1 st, 2pm – 4pm
Studio Hydro-Québec, Monument-National
Andrew Pekler will present a tswo-hour workshop explaining his current production techniques in Ableton, along with seasoned advice on live performance.  An informal meet-and-greet with Andrew Pekler will follow.
FIrst come, first serve. 
Presented by: Ableton
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