MUTEK 2013: Talent of the Highest Order

A collaboration with Martin Juneau, first-ever showcases at the Maison symphonique and the 2-22

May 14, 2013
MUTEK 2013: Talent of the Highest Order

From May 29th to June 2nd, MUTEK promises to dazzle festivalgoers with one of its most accomplished editions. Over five days, MUTEK unfurls its creative canvas, presenting a smattering of original works by must-see performers operating in the realms of electronic music and digital creativity – with the final tally coming in at over 140 artists and some 76 projects. As the festival inches ever closer to its 15th anniversary, programmers have packed this edition to the brim with exclusive performances and a record number of premieres – 15 World, 16 North American and 4 Canadian.

For the very first time, a MUTEK performance will offer a bold foray into the kitchen. The ONE PIG performance, dreamed up and orchestrated by the ever-prolific MATTHEW HERBERT, is a bona fide visual, sonic and scent-laden spectacle that explores a pig’s cycle of life, from birth to slaughter to plate. To mark the occasion, we’re proud to announce a singular collaboration: renowned Quebec chef MARTIN JUNEAU (co-owner of the prestigious Pastaga restaurant) will take part in this highly unusual performance, presented on the festival’s opening night (Wednesday, May 29th at Monument-National). On stage, Matthew Herbert will be accompanied by musicians tasked with manipulating an assortment of pig-based sound recordings live. During this time, chef Martin Juneau will – you guessed right – cook a pig! Later in the week, Matthew Herbert will return for other anti-conformist performances where spectators will be confronted to sobering social truths. This marks the first time any artist is slated to perform three different shows as part of a single edition of the festival. MUTEK is therefore particularly honoured and looking forward to acquaint audiences with ONE PIG, THE END OF SILENCE (A/Visions 4, Saturday, June 1st, Monument-National) and a DJ set under the WISHMOUNTAIN pseudonym  (Nocturne 2, Thursday, May 30th, Metropolis).

Another addition to MUTEK, the inauguration of the Windows Lounge at the 2-22 building, located at the corner of Saint-Laurent and Sainte-Catherine Streets. At once a cultural stomping ground and an unprecedented gateway to the Quartier des spectacles, where the festival will be in full swing over five consecutive days, the 2-22 building’s fifth floor will serve as the hub of all MUTEK activities. Besides its official headquarter status, the fifth floor will also play host to free, daily 5 à 8s in the form of EXPÉRIENCE events. The perfect way to discover fledgling local talent in a laidback festival setting!

Who recalls the unhinged concert organized by the OSM in partnership with MUTEK at the Molson Brewery in October 2010 – a sold-out collaboration that struck a creative chord will all those in attendance? This time around, MUTEK will take over the Maison symphonique – the OSM’s headquarters – to showcase leftfield sounds and unusual rhythms. Genre fusion will be the order of the day during this exceptional program presented in collaboration with Red Bull Music Academy, and which will allow MUTEK heads the chance to discover the Maison symphonique at an affordable rate. To set the tone for the evening, an inspired exchange between Norwegian pianist BUGGE WESSELTOFT and German producer HENRIK SCHWARZ, who will whip up a subtle fusion of jazz and deep house. Fully rendering this stately marriage of genres, PANTHA DU PRINCE & THE BELL LABORATORY will ring bells and play with percussions to enhance its warm electro foundation, as part of this fifth programme of the A/VISIONS series, on Sunday, June 2nd. Another noteworthy foray into the realm of classical this year occurs as part of the A/VISIONS 2 program, bringing together German virtuoso NILS FRAHM, who’ll be surrounded by three pianos for his performance, with the Train Fragments project. This sweeping multisensory trip finds Montrealer HERMAN KOLGEN accompanied by the SIXTRUM percussion ensemble, for an audiovisual experience inspired by Steve Reich’s string quartet, on Thursday, May 30th at the Monument-National.

Many prestigious partners will take an active role at MUTEK this year. These partnerships, developed over many years, speak to these organisations’ mutual admiration and to the international reach of the festival. Red Bull Music Academy strengthens its MUTEK collaboration with a dedicated stage at the Society for Arts and Technology (SAT) from Thursday through Saturday, in parallel to the main stage at the Metropolis. This allows ticketholders to take full advantage of a double bill during the NOCTURNE 2, 3, and 4 events. Moreover, the SAT continues to serve as a privileged partner, joining forces with MUTEK to present DROMOS, an immersive performance taking place many times daily, from Wednesday to Saturday at the SATOSPHÈRE – the dome that sits at the very top of the SAT. For DROMOS, French artists FRACTION and MAOTIK will manipulate and transform a sonic and visual landscape specifically conceived for this singular environment, in real time. Finally, to highlight the 15th anniversary of Berlin-based festival CTM, which could best be described as MUTEK’s European soul sister, we are proud to be associated with this eminent partner to present a unique concert dedicated to Ernstalbrecht Stiebler, a little-known pioneer of minimal music. Presented in collaboration with the Phi Centre on Saturday, June 1st at 4 p.m., the program, entitled MINIMAL≠MINIMAL, will pay homage to this discreet German composer, while Stiebler himself will perform a selection of his piano works, accompanied by Polish cellist Agnieszka Dziubak as well as Quatuor Bozzini.

Lastly, let’s not forget that MUTEK brings together the best and the brightest in international and Quebec talent. In fact, among the World premieres, you’ll find JUAN ATKINS & MORITZ VON OSWALD, two renowned musicians and pioneers of the Detroit and Berlin scenes, respectively, whose highly anticipated Borderland project will be unveiled on Sunday, June 2nd, prior to the release of their joint album. The festival will also mark the World premiere of two internationally acclaimed Montreal artists, with whom MUTEK always looks forward to collaborate: BOUNDARY, Ghislain Poirier’s new project, presented as part of NOCTURNE 3 on Friday, May 31st, as well as the aforementioned HERMAN KOLGEN performance, Train Fragments, on Thursday, May 30th as part of A/Visions 2. Among the many exclusive performances, MEMENTO MORI and JOHN TEJADA fit right in as part of an eclectic and original program that builds unexpected bridges between electronic music’s many far-reaching realms. We’ve put our faith in this year’s slogan, “You never forget your first time”, to deliver on all its festival promises!

Individual tickets and MUTEK day passes are available for purchase at The MUTEK five-day passports, weekend and weekend light passes are on sale for $250 (+ taxes and service charges), $150 (+ taxes and service charges) and $90 (+ taxes and service charges), respectively.

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