MUTEK [ES] Announces Third Wave of 2014 Artists & Daytime Program!

Large showing of local Spanish artists added to a near-final 5th edition lineup.

February 05, 2014
MUTEK [ES] Announces Third Wave of 2014 Artists & Daytime Program!

With less than a month to go before the start of its 5th anniversary edition taking place March 5 – 8, 2014, MUTEK [ES] is pleased to announce many new additions to the nighttime Nocturne series, as well a two-part Play series plus the festival’s Digi_Section daytime program. New confirmations are:

Wooky (ES) / Cardopusher & Neheun: CWS (VL/AR) / We Like Turtles Feat. Arufe (ES) / Blank (ES) / Sun Color (VL) / Shelby Grey (ES) / DB (ES) / Gus vs Omar Leon (ES) 

Holding an ever-growing mandate to support Spain’s diverse, local scene, MUTEK [ES] is proud to once again present a large cast of Spanish artists in this year’s program. Scattered throughout the festival week, Spanish artists are a notable focus of the festival’s Play series, which takes place Wednesday March 5 and Saturday March 8 at the Sala Noble within the Convent Sant Augustí festival HQ. The first of two Play concerts includes Wooky (ES), who will present his new live A/V show in support of his highly acclaimed debut album Montjuic (Spa.RK. Records), alongside the previously-announced Kino Internacional’s emo atmospherics and melodic tech. For Saturday’s Play 2 event, Venezuela-born Barcelona resident Sun Color uses a mix of analogue and digital processing in a performance that melds abstract arrhythmic music, microtonal composition, and field recordings. Sun Color is joined by Blank (LoveTheChaos), who explores the relationship between sound and image by sonifying raw picture files, as well as the already-announced “Polaroid Soundtrack” project by Microfeel.

MUTEK [ES] is also proud to host return partner Red Bull Music Academy at the festival’s closing Nocturne 4 concert, which sees RBMA set-up a special stage with two of their alumni Boundary and Begun. The two acts are joined by We Like Turtles, a duo of two childhood friends who have shared their love of dance music via a trajectory starting from DJing at friends’ parties, to appearing in clubs across the city, to producing their own music. Following the release of their We Believe in the Groove EP (Tracy Recordings, 2012) and a recent session at RBMA’s Bass Camp in Madrid, the Chicago house-loving duo appear on the RBMA stage along with collaborator MC Arufe. Local DJ Shelby Grey, who dazzled Barcelona with his exquisite selection at the last Soiree MUTEK event of 2013 in support of Lee Gamble and Ikonika, also plays that night. On top of their Nocturne 4 program, RBMA will also set-up a radio broadcast over the entire duration of MUTEK [ES], streaming interviews with artists to be announced a few weeks before the festival, as well as other up-to-the-minute festival news.

Opening the Nocturne series are Cardopusher & Nehuen, performing their new project - CWS live. With each member independently recognized for their skills as producers and DJs, the duo decided to work together when local label Struments Records proposed an exploratory collaboration that resulted in a 12” release. The result, CWS live, oscillates between songwriting, live improvisation, and different sonic zones of electronic music. Gus vs Omar Leon, longtime residents of Moog Club, round out Nocturne 1 night with a jacking Chicago house set with forays into acid territory, specially prepared for the occasion. Thursday’s Nocturne 2 sees Struments Records label heads join in for a DJ set as DB, rounding out an evening that already includes Canada’s Graze and local Pau Roca.

While the festival’s daytime program is still in the works, we are extremely excited to announce a 3-part Ableton workshop series presented by Deadbeat. The workshop begins with a day of field recordings collected with personal recording devices, continues with day two session that explores how to manipulate these found sounds in Live to create tracks made entirely out of field recordings, and culminates in a final day of listening and reviewing participants’ creations. Information on registration will become available closer to festival time. Deadbeat will also present a kids workshop on Saturday March 8th. Entitled Children’s Push Playground, the workshop sees 6 to 8 computer stations set up at the festival HQ Convent Sant Augustí, all of which are hooked up to a single sound system. Simple Push-driven sounds and clips allow kids to come orchestrate their own sets and make noise to their hearts content while getting a taste of musical composition and technology. Presented free of charge and open to children ages 6 and up, the Push Playground is proudly presented with the support of Ableton and Microfusa.

MUTEK [ES] connects for the first time with the activities programmed at the Convent Sant Agusti co-presenting the ¨MiniCrea Workshop¨ an educational and entertaining workshop for children and parents where the objective is to develop creative work using technological tools.  Build instruments from scratch, compose a song, create a story built with Legos and much more.  The workshop will be held on Friday 7th and Saturday 8th March.  More info regarding the registration process will be out in the following days.

Saturday’s Push Playground is regrouped under the Experience umbrella, which also includes live performances from the aforementioned Play 2 event with Sun Color, Blank, and Microfeel, as well as an artist presentation by Blank to complement her performance, entitled Image as Sound: Data bending, Sonic Visualization and Visual Synthesizers. Pablo Skaf, Director Deezer Spain, will also give a talk on the Evolution of the Music Industry: New Distribution and Consumer Models. Two further presentations round out the Experience program, including a talk by Francois Wunschel and Pierre Schneider on their 1024 Architecture presented earlier in the week within the A/Visions series, as well as the panel presented by Loops Studies: Festival Internationalization, that regroups representatives from festivals In-Edit (ES), Primavera Sound (ES), Screen Festival (ES), and MUTEK (CA) to explore perspectives in international exchange and development of new audiences and markets abroad. Hosted by Anna Mastrolitto of Loop Studies, the panel also includes an introduction by David Loscos, Co-Founder and CEO of TenzingMedia.

The above artists and projects are of course coming in addition to the previously announced local and international highlights:

Nils Frahm [DE] / Marcel Dettmann [DE] / Andy Stott [UK] / Deadbeat and Tikiman [CA/DOM]  / 10 Years of Hyperdub feat. Kode 9 [UK] / Laurel Halo [US] / Scratcha DVA [UK] / 1024 Architecture (FR) / Graze (CA) / Boundary (CA) / Nev.Era + Xarlene (ES) / Begun (ES) / Headbirds (ES) / Kino Internacional & Inesfera (ES) / Microfeel (AR) / Brunetto (ES) / Paul Roca (ES) DJ Fra (ES) 


MUTEK [ES] festival passports remain on sale. Now priced at 70 euros, these passports grant full access to the festival.  Individual event tickets are now available, and range from 8 – 25 euro depending on the programme.

Press and professional accreditation is open until 21 February.  Interested press and professionals are invited to apply online, and will be notified 24 February of the status of their application.

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