Welcome to the Brand New MUTEK Website!

March 11, 2009
Welcome to the Brand New MUTEK Website!

Given that we're coming up on our 10th edition this year, we decided that the best way to celebrate the past 10 years was to launch a new website to better reflect the festival, our artists, and all the international events we've hosted throughout the decade. 

The site is a work in progress, so check back regularly as we bring the whole operation up to speed over the upcoming weeks!

Can you believe it's actually been ten years?


Over the next few months, we'll be filling in this space with news and information about all the artists that will play at MUTEK_10, not to mention all those who've participated in the last nine editions in Montreal and all our offshoot festivals in Mexico, Chile, Argentina, and elsewhere in the world.

You'll notice that this site also features several new sections that will enhance user-friendliness, allowing you to better access to the artists you care about and the music they produce. All these spaces will be up and running shortly, and we'll be posting updates on any and all new developments here. So keep checking back as we work our way to May.


Remember... May 27th to May 31st . That's when we're hitting Montreal stages, and those are the dates you should base your travel arrangements around. See you soon! MUTEK


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