MUTEK Argentina arrives in Buenos Aires (again!)

First wave of artists includes Mathew Jonson, Nicola Cruz, Nonotak, Sonja Moonear and more!

July 11, 2017
MUTEK Argentina arrives in Buenos Aires (again!)
MUTEK reignites its relationship with Buenos Aires after several years on pause. Latin America has figured heavily in the festival’s adventures since 2002, with first events in Argentina taking place in 2005 during a tour that also visited Chile, Mexico, Colombia and Brazil. MUTEK Argentina established its foothold soon after, producing single and multi-day events until 2009, creating an important node connecting South American, European and international artists. Reinvigorated and reinstated, MUTEK Argentina launches its comeback from September 22 to 24, using the state-of-the-art CCK as its main hub. 
Emblematic MUTEK artists like Herman Kolgen, Nonotak, Mathew Jonson and Sonja Moonear are some of the first confirmed international talents, but those familiar with the festival ethos will also recognize Ernesto Ferreyra, Chancha Via Circuito, Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts and Nicola Cruz in the fray. Over three days and nights, MUTEK.AR promises exceptional live electronic music, audiovisual magic, installations, workshops and talks, all in the service of highlighting the astonishing contemporary work happening at the intersection of art and technology.
These first names signal the beginning of a rich and rewarding return to the future-now spirit that MUTEK thrives on: 
Alejandro Mosso AR / Chancha Via Circuito AR / Chic Miniature AR/CA / Ducasse & Ailaviu AR / Ernesto Ferreyra AR / Ernesto Romeo AR / Fidel Eljuri EC / Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts CA / Herman Kolgen CA / Joanie Lemercier FR / Jonas Kopp & Rainer Kohlberger AR/DE / Klauss AR / Lucas Gutierrez AR / Maotik CA / Mathew Jonson CA / Maya Jane Coles UK / Melmann AR / Mezcla AR / Michela Pelusio & Glenn Vervliet IT/BE / Microesfera & Bruno De Vincenti AR / Microfeel AR / Mike Shannon CA / Muno AR / Nicola Cruz EC / Nonotak FR/JP / Simon Wilkinson UK / Sol del Río AR / Sonja Moonear CH / Villa Diamante AR

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