Plan Your Trip to #CDMX

MUTEK Mexico is gearing up for a generous 14th edition.

July 14, 2017
Plan Your Trip to #CDMX

A renewed sens of purpose and mission drives the design of the 14th edition of MUTEK.MX, running from October 11 to 15. Constantly rethinking and remodelling the festival as a vehicle for varied and revelatory experiences, this year’s programs are intended to create a distinct narrative and provide an opening on the more adventurous sides of electronic music and digital creativity. Expect new spaces, unprecedented artistry and novel sensations as MUTEK.MX embarks on another unique journey to bring its community and the world together. 

The first artists names are already out, more will follow shortly: 

To read the artists complete biographies, consult MUTEK.MX's website

Put the essential hotspot of Mexico City on your festival calendar! Foreigner visitors can get a limited amount of Festival Passports and a receive a personalized service for a unique travel experience here


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