Jon Hopkins (UK)

Opulent, cinematic, and seductively moody, the music of London’s Jon Hopkins combines the ethereal scales of Brian Eno’s ambient adventures with dark, cushioned rhythms reminiscent of Boards of Canada. A composer and pianist who taught himself the tricks of the contemporary home studio, he released his first album, “Opalescent”, in 2001, and has since released two more, the latest being 2008’s “Insides”. That album elevated Hopkins’ status among the electronic cognoscenti, eventually earning him a place on major indie label Domino Records. A rarity among modern electronic composers, Hopkins has an uncanny ability to locate and fully develop the emotional core of his composition, lending his work a transcendental and often moving feel. Such is the pull of Hopkins’ music that Coldplay used his track “Light Through the Veins” to bookend their 2008 album “Viva La Vida”, and the British composer went on to spend six months with the band on the road.

Audio Library

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    The Low Places

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