Celebrating its 5th anniversary in 2014, MUTEK.ES, the Barcelona branch of the namesake International Festival for Digital Creativity and Electronic Music continues the MUTEK family’s global anniversary year, following a stellar 10th edition of MUTEK.MX in Mexico City this past October 2013, and leading up to the highly anticipated 15th anniversary edition of the original MUTEK Montreal festival that will take place end of May 2014.

After a busy year that included collaborations with Berlin Atonal, ClubtoClub Torino, and its regular Soirée MUTEK events in its home city, MUTEK.ES is preparing to launch the Barcelona festival season by changing its dates to March 5 – 8, 2014 instead of its usual February slot, a move that also makes room for more outdoor and family programs within the festival. This edition’sfestival headquarters will once again take over the Convent Sant Augustí, a building that mixes historic architecture with modern, modular spaces. The Convent will serve as the festival’s main information point, offering a welcoming environment to meet up with friends old and new, and will house the festival’s Digi_Section daytime conference program (Q&A sessions, workshops, demos). MUTEK.ES also returns to long-time partners Nitsa Club and Moog for its night-time program, with exciting new venues and special collaborations for the festival’s A/Visions audiovisual performance series to be announced shortly.


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