Atom™ & Tobias DE

March 05, 2016, 23:59 - 06:00
Artist: 04:00 - 06:00

Through periodic collaborations spanning more than twenty years, German electronic pillars Atom™ (aka Uwe Schmidt) and Tobias (short for Tobias Freund) have been restlessly expanding shockingly groovy horizons since their paths first crossed during Frankfurt’s burgeoning 1980s techno scene. Both longtime MUTEK acolytes, Atom™ and Tobias have been driving creative forces of a global rhythmic revolution, recording under a prolific number of aliases and ceaselessly switching musical gears.

Since cutting his teeth as a studio engineer, the now Berlin-based Freund has effortlessly ventured into ambient, techno and acid terrains, always vigorously short circuiting musical formalities in the name of experimental emancipation.

Similarly fascinated with the unprecedented intersections of the avant garde and the decidedly pop, revered Santiago de Chile-based Uwe Schmidt has accumulated dozens of personas and musical directions over two+ decades: Señor Coconut, a Latin big band orchestra dabbling in electrolatino rhythms; Flanger, an atmospheric jazz project with Burnt Friedman; and the abstract electronic experimentation of Atom Heart.

Together, Schmidt and Freund have been drawn to improvised, freeform sessions of muscular grooves and grippingly twisted textures both in and out of the studio. Since their mythical live 2003 reunion at MUTEK Chile, the two multi-faceted musicians have been on an unstoppable roll, releasing material on the Ostgut Ton imprint and playing many concerts worldwide, including a famously improvised acoustic/electric piano performance at 2011’s Labyrinth festival in Japan. The two wizards of precision machine music willl bring their acclaimed live set to MUTEK.ES after stunning recent renditions at MUTEK Montréal and Mexico City — it’s an unmissable illustration of big room masters at work.


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