Steffi NL

March 05, 2016, 23:59 - 06:00
Artist: 02:00 - 03:00
Ostgut Ton, Dolly

The pure techno spirit of Dutch-born, Berlin-based Steffi rides high on the producer’s enviable position as a resident DJ at Panorama Bar in Berlin for close to a decade now. Steffi’s latest full length album, 2014’s Power of Anonymity, on Berlin club Berghain’s label Osgut Ton, embodies enraptured club listening, building on her 2012 Scrapers EP and her 2011 album Yours & Mine on the same label, and referencing her astute taste in tunes as heard on her first official DJ mix release, Panorama Bar 05. Steffi also lends her deft ear for underground techno to her own labels Klakson and Dolly, and collaborates live in the studio with Lucretio and Marieu (The Analogue Cops) as the hardware heavy Third Side. As a producer, her name has done nothing but rise in the past year, and MUTEK.ES is thrilled to present her debut live set in Spain, which like the album it is based on, offers, according to critic Philip Sherburne, “a masterclass in the sleight-of-hand that we call techno.”


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