MUTEK.ES the Barcelona-based platform for live electronic music and digital creativity, embarks on its 8th edition this March 9-11 at renowned venues around the city.  Launching a calendar year filled with expanded activities, while adapting to the ever evolving landscape of contemporary electronic and digital arts, this year’s edition offers a more compact and concentrated experience of new forms and encounters for its increasingly diverse and discerning public.

As has come to be expected from its programming, MUTEK creates a context for unusual bookings, special presentations and unique experiences in a city known for an abundance of options. Distinguishing itself with lineups built to showcase multiple performances at a time, creating trajectories that simultaneously compliment and enhance a full range of artistry, this year promises another uncommon program that mixes critically acclaimed international acts with Spanish, Catalan and digital talent emanating from Québec, where MUTEK is headquartered. 



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