international festival
of digital creativity
Edition 9

Following on last year’s lively 8th edition of MUTEK in Barcelona, the festival has started to plot out its next multi-day, multi-venue extravaganza, taking place across the city from March 7-10, 2018. As has come to be expected from the festival, the program features premieres, Spanish debuts, new collaborations, spectacular audiovisual presentations, and as always, an emphasis on live electronic performances that underline and celebrate contemporary creation. 

Every edition presents an opportunity to renew commitments to audiences and contemporary artistry by reimagining live electronic music, audiovisual practices and their performance, in the dynamic and experiential frame of the festival. The signature programs A/Visions, Nocturne, Play and Experience articulate the prism of performance types and expressions the festival aims to spotlight each year. This edition promises special presentations from Québec and Canadian artists, international luminaries and showcases from Catalan and local talents. 


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