Tuna Pase TR/ES

Pre Nocturne: #WeAreEquals
March 06, 2020, 22:30 - 03:00
Live: 23:00 - 23:45
Istanbul born, Barcelona-based composer Tuna Pase
Electro-Acustic compositions
The Anthology of Turkish Experimental Music (Subrosa 2017), Uchronia (2018), Bloody Lines (2018), Resonancias Atmosféricas (2018).

Tuna Pase is a music lover based in Barcelona, born and raised in Istanbul with roots from Spain. Her musical journey began when she heard the timbre of the flute in the orchestra pit for the first time. Her areas of interest are electro-acoustic composition, improvisation, sound design, sound art, alternative song writing and ethnomusicology. She plays electronics, flute, percussive objects and sings. Her music is inspired from sleeping, dreams, nature, poetry, photography, street art and bicycles. She performs her music and collaborates with others in an improvised manner, where she re-composes live, using the elements that build her music from scratch.

She is also a member Female oriented music technology projects like Female Pressure, FLO (Female Laptop Orchestra) and Beats by Girlz.  She is one of the founders of Beats by Girlz Spain which is an alternative music technology education program.

Tuna Pase will perfrom at the Pre Nocturne at ABX10 on Friday March 6 with the support of #WeAreEquals and Birtish Council



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