MUTEK´s rich and diverse program DNA is structured in different sections, both avant-garde and festive, indoor and outdoor, paid and free, showcasing a wide variety of electronic music and audiovisual art genres.

DIGI LAB explores the links between creativity in sound, image and technology, in a discursive and attractive context. It combines workshops, presentations, panels and interviews on stage, focused on the experienced professional, the emerging artist and the curious observer.

A/VISIONS explores the essential relationship between image and sound. They are audiovisual pieces conceived as a whole: surprising, immersive, contemplative, revealing, of high artistic and technical quality and presented at impressive locations.

NOCTURNE presents live performances oriented towards the beat and dance floor with exclusive presentations by prestigious international and local artists.

PLAY allows the public to discover new projects from emerging artists, local and international in an intimate and unique context, with a focus on artists with robotic, mechanical, 3D and tactile elements.

AMBIENT Deep contemplation sessions emphazised on sound patterns and creating atmospheres

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