MUTEK ES Symposium: Interconnectivity and Empowerment

The MUTEK ES platform in Barcelona presents on March 3 and 4 at Casa MUTEK x Reebok the first edition of the ‘MUTEK ES Symposium’, focused on INTERCONECTIVITY as an EMPOWERMENT tool for creative women to drive a change in the music and digital arts industry.

Inspired by the success of the AMPLIFY program, created by the British Council in partnership with the MUTEK festival and Somerset House Studios and fruit of the Symposium: Keychange :: Amplify at MUTEK Montreal 2018, the MUTEK ES platform kicks off its new decade in the city taking a step more in the global commitment of the MUTEK network to contribute to the empowerment of creators in digital arts and electronic music. 

MUTEK ES Symposium reflects the foundational values ​​of the platform focused primarily to promote equity, equal opportunities and diversity, both through the exhibition and participation of creative projects in the different programs of the festival, and secondly by providing also special sensitivity towards artists and projects that make marginalized creative scenes and / or bold new art forms visible.

Focused on training and interconnectivity, commissioning artistic residences and promoting institutional synergies that contribute to the professionalization and interaction between local and international artists participating in each edition, thus promoting the exchange of knowledge.


1 -Tuesday March 3 / 11.00 - 14.30, focused on organizations and networks of women in the music industry.
11.00-11.30 | Opening Reception
11.30-11.55 | Presentation: MUTEK ES Symposium: interconnectivity and empowerment with Pat Quinteiro, MUTEK ES Communications Manager 
12.00-12.40 | Presentation: Keychange & women Make Music w/ Becci Scotcher (Senior Grants & Programmes Manager at the PRS Foundation)
12.40-13.00 | Coffee Break
13.00-14.30 | Panel: Challenges and milestones in gender equality in the music industry. w/ Carmen Zapata, (President Asociación Mujeres en la Música, MIM) + Pat Quinteiro (Co-Director Shesaidso.Spain) + Natalia San Juan (founder FEMNØISE) Moderator: Rosa Pérez (RNE)
2 -Tuesday March 3 / 16.00 to 19.00 focused on health professionals, artists and management agencies that act as an engine of change for cultural empowerment
16.00-17.15 | Panel: Balance in an artist's autonomy with Rosana Corbacho, psychologist and mental health expert for artists ( M.I. Therapy)  + Ikram Bouloum (ES/MA)
17.15-17.30 | Coffee Break
17.30-19.00 Panel: Power Chords - Booking and Managing Our Way to Better Representation w/ Laetitia Deering (Annex Agency, UK) + Ryan Miller (Resident Advisor) + Ivone Lesan (MIM + Primavera Sound) Moderator: Patti Schmidt (AMPLIFY Canada) 
19.00-20.00 | Networking & Drinks
3 -Wednesday March 4 from 11.00 to 15.00, focused on institutional and governmental projects linked to MUTEK.ES and projects promoted by the MUTEK NETWORK
11.00-11.25 | Presentation: #WeAreEquals with Ludovic Assemat, Head Of Arts at British Council Spain 
11.30-12:30 | Presentation: AMPLIFY with Valeria Zamparolo (Argentina), Patti Schmidt (Canada), Milena Pafundi (Argentina)
12.30-12.45 | Coffee Break
12.45-13.10 | Presentation: MUSE ¨A New wave in the Mediterranean¨ w/Gaia Danese (Consul General of  Italy in Barcelona)  +  Anna Mastrolitto (She´s in Control)
13.15-14.30 | Panel: EMPOWERED CITY, TRANSFORMING CITY: empowerment of institutions and transversal policies. Con Ajuntament de Barcelona (TBC) + Gaia Lucilla Danese (Consulate General of Italy in Barcelona) + Ludovic Assemat (British Council Spain) Moderator: Rosa Pérez (Rne)
14.30-15.00 | Closing Note: Alberto Nerone director MUTEKES and Pat Quinteiro, communication responsible at MUTEKES 
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