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Andrey Kiritchenko & v4w.enko - FLUXTANK

"FluxTank" teaser for CineChamber performance at CYNETART Festival, Festspielhaus Hellerau, Dresden - v4w.enko (visuals), Andrey Kiritchenko (audio) friday 25.11. 22.00 whole programm: Recombinant Media Labs CineChamber (Empore Süd) 21.00 MODULE BLOCK 1 Naut Humon, Biosphere & Egbert Mittelstädt, Ryoichi Kurokawa, Semiconductor, Masako Tanaka & Markus Popp, Ryoichi Kurokawa. 22.00 CineChamber live mit Andrey Kiritchenko & v4w.enko 23.00 MODULE BLOCK 2 Ryoichi Kurokawa, Herman Kolgen, Fennesz & Lillevan, Biosphere & Egbert Mittelstädt, Jochem Paap & Scott Pagano, Scott Arford and Daniel Menche 24.00 CineChamber live with Ulf Langheinrich & event`s page: RECOMBINANT MEDIA LABS (RML) was founded to research the qualities and artistic potential of spatial media. It does so by means of Experiential Engineering; exploring processes that expand the aesthetic and technological boundaries of panoramic installations, surround cinema, and multichannel a/v performances. RML acts as producer and presenter of artworks and performances based on Spatial Media Synthesis; intermodal works using image, light, sound and other disseminated media in three-dimensional space.

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