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Alex Smoke - Lux+

Release date - 25.01.09 - CD and Digital Download Alex Smoke returns to the fore with his new single Lux+ in advance of his third album Lux which will be released Feb 2010. The new album is the result of his hard work and delves into more abstract and experimental territory whilst retaining the melancholic musicality and cohesion of its predecessors. The development of his own Hum+Haw label has been pivotal in giving him the freedom and opportunity to realise his creative vision and to solidify his reputation as a true electronic music innovator. The melancholic Smoke sound prevails throughout and deep techno variants nestle alongside evocative electronica. Alex formulates a dense and original atmospheric piece that invades your soul and melts your mind. The defining title track Lux+ is a next level Alex Smoke production in which he incorporates his own techniques and programs for sound creation. The result is an alien scrambled lullaby that has been drowned in a miscreated voodoo pit of symphonic gloom.

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