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Nils Frahm - Une Soirée de Poche

Nils Frahm playing a show in a Parisian Apartment for La Blogotheque series "Soirées de Poche" "We showed him the piano; it was as if we were introducing someone to him to the first time. He lifted the lid, hit a couple of keys, smiled and murmured, "He's got character". Later: "He's unpredictable. I like it". He played a little more, and called out to us once more: "Hmm... there's a slight chance that I might break it. I get excited sometimes." We didn't tell this to our hosts; instead, we crossed our fingers." The whole story is here : http://en.blogotheque.net/2012/01/14/... Artist : Nils Frahm • Director : Benoit Toulemonde • Cameras : Thomas Lallier, Ernesto Giolitti, Samuel Guillemot, Colin Solal-Cardo, David Ctiborsky • Sound Recording: Jean-Baptiste Aubonnet, François Clos, Etienne Pozzo • Mixing : François Clos . • Mastering : Etienne Pozzo • Editing : Leslie Lagier • Production : La Blogothèque / Stances

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