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PANEL - Art and Craft: Epiphany, Technology, Creation with ROBIN FOX, KODE9, STEFAN BETKE and JONATHAN STERNE

So much talk in art and music today focuses on gear. Even terms like "workflow," originally designed to describe task management in large corporations, have been ported to describe the creative process from conception to performance. While on older instruments there are long traditions of musician-to-musician education, for newer electronic instruments, a lot of the learning has been driven by the companies that make the gear. This panel will take another approach and subordinate the technical side of making music and art to the musical and artistic side. Instead of starting from "what did you use?" and "how did you do that?" we will start with epiphanies — moments of realization about the nature of creative work and the techniques within it — moments that changed the how and the why of creative process, the rythmn of work, collaboration vs. working alone, and the quest for improvement and refinement. Moderator: Jonathan Sterne (McGill University, Chair in Culture and Technology, Acting Director Media@McGill) with ROBIN FOX (AU), Steve Goodman aka KODE9 (UK) and Stefan Betke aka POLE (DE).

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