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Shigeto — Do My Thing (A Venue Project)

Venue (produced by VSCO) brings together Shigeto & fine artist/designer Michael Cina within a live performance of "Do My Thing” from the Intermission EP. Visit http://venue.vsco.co for more. Order 'Intermission' at The Ghostly Store: http://www.theghostlystore.com/collec... Inspired by A Century of Artifice, the comprehensive monograph of Cina’s artwork for the Ghostly International label, and Shigeto’s explosive live versions of his own productions, this project sought to provide a space for the pair’s combined creative expression beyond cover art and album packaging. A series of kinetic paintings were created by Michael Cina for the film’s LED installation which were then scored live to Shigeto’s performance at New York’s SIR Studios by the visual designer EFFIXX. Michael Cina's A Century of Artifice available now: http://www.theghostlystore.com/produc... Follow: http://ghostly.vsco.co/ https://twitter.com/ghostly https://www.instagram.com/ghostly/ https://twitter.com/__SHIGETO https://soundcloud.com/shigeto http://twitter.com/venue http://instagram.com/venueproject

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