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Groj - The Midnight Mystic Trilogy

OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO EP for the 'Ehf' EP by Groj, released on Loki Recordings<br /> <br /> The Midnight Mystic Trilogy is a film about human curiosity and imagination. Since the beginning of time people have looked up at the moon with wonder. Since the beginning of cinema, people have been trying to go to the moon. Beginning with 'Le Voyage dans La Lune' by Georges Méliès, the legendary French magician, filmmakers have been bringing the magic of the moon to life. <br /> <br /> The 3 videos shown here were edited under the energy of the full moon, a time when I am restless and inspired. The word Lunatic is an ancient word which comes from the Latin word ‘Luna’ meaning moon…it literally means someone who is under the influence of the energy of the moon. <br /> <br /> This film is a historical catalogue of cinema’s re-enactments of the moon. From a time when we dreamed of going to that big ball of light in the night sky, to 1969 when we actually did land on the moon. The magic of cinema has played an infinite role in our perception of the moon since film was invented. The mystery behind the moon may have died for some since the Apollo 11 landing, but that does not mean that we fully understand the affects that the moon has upon us. Moons are mysterious satellites…old forgotten planets in some cases (like the ancient moons of Jupiter) which may never be fully understood. <br /> <br /> On earth we have the Sun as our day light, and there are people of the sun. But there are also children of the night who march to a different beat, who get their energy through a different light source…a separate source of energy and life. Like the nocturnal creatures of our planet earth; elusive, different, rarely seen, and often feared… there are those living things which come to life when everything else is sleeping. <br /> <br /> The whole world is affected by the light and power of the moon. Our ocean tides rise and fall based on the cycle of the moon, and the superstitions surrounding the full moon are very ancient and multi-cultural. <br /> <br /> So next time when the moon is full and bright, pay attention to the people around you, to the happenings which occur. Circumstances will happen which are abnormal, and the energy from the moon will sometimes lingers even days after the full moon has finished. <br /> <br /> Music composed and produced by Groj. <br /> The songs heard here make up the 'Ehf' EP released on Loki Recordings <br /> Tracks are (in order of appearance)<br /> <br /> Arnica Hypericum<br /> Gnorphe<br /> Anges D'Ekhydhia<br /> <br /> For more information about Groj see:<br /> Groj.ca<br /> <br /> To see more examples of our audio/video collaborations check out my videos:<br /> '8mm Soul,' 'Infidelity,' 'Beep Band Beren,' 'Groj live @ Pearl Club,' and the 'Groj Promo'<br /> <br /> All footage seen here is public domain.

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