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Christian Carrière - DEMO REEL 2016

1- Music: 'Post Haste' by Christian Carrière<br /> Drums: Eric Cohen, Bass: Reda Enan. From upcoming EP (2016).<br /> Footage courtesy of José Garcia-Lozano.<br /> <br /> 2- Music: 'Protest/Prayer' by Christian Carrière (2015)<br /> Daf, conga, bongo: Michel Bonneau. Prayer recording: Felix Blume.<br /> Shadow Installation: Mere Phantoms http://merephantoms.com/<br /> Brandts 13 Museum, Odense, Demark: fall 2014. Video by Isabel Morales Bondy.<br /> Thanks to the Canada Council for the Arts for their support.<br /> <br /> 3- Music: 'Wrong Oboe' by interceiving (Christian Carrière, Eric Cohen, Matt Killen, Frank O'Connor)<br /> From interceiving self-titled EP (2008). Used for Tattoo Mania Convention TV commercial. Directed by Marielle 'Lela' Quesney. http://mariellequesney.com/<br /> <br /> 4- Music: 'Wood Stacks' by Christian Carrière and Ida Toninato (2015)<br /> Produced by Christian Carrière<br /> Baritone saxophone: Ida Toninato. Video by Michael John Dubue. Footage: 'Lumbering in BC' by Canadian Government Motion Picture Bureau, circa 1925.<br /> <br /> 5- Music: 'Trunk' by Christian Carrière and Pat Ladisa (2010)<br /> Recorded by Lanark Land Art Recording Group (Christian Carrière, Pat Ladisa, Pierre Ouellet, Marcin Padlewski). 'Trunk' is made entirely from field recordings of trees.<br /> <br /> 6- Music 'Illuminate What Lies Underfoot' by Christian Carrière and Frank O'Connor (2012)<br /> Short film by Jimmy Hayes. http://frank73.bandcamp.com/releases<br /> <br /> 7- Music 'Fratres' by Arvo Pärt<br /> No-input console performance by Christian Carrière (2011)<br /> Viola and Drum: Jean René, Camera: Jimmy Hayes. <br /> OBORO Centre, Montreal, Canada. http://www.oboro.net/en

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