Colosse - Producer JOSEPH CHEN (US)

4:40 Mins  |  Real-Time Animation

COLOSSE is a real-time virtual reality storytelling experience, with a stylized, character-focused visual language. While the viewer has no direct control over the action, the progression of the narrative is gaze-based. The viewer's gaze – things the viewer pays the most attention to – directs the experience around them, giving a subtle influence over events as they unfold. The story of the long lost Great Spirits known as the COLOSSE explores themes of fear, power and respect.

Produced by JOSEPH CHEN

Nelson Boles – Animation
Joseph Chen – Producer
Kevin Dart – Art/Concept
Alex Grigg – Animation
Eran Hilleli – Art/Visual Style
David Kamp – Music/Audio
Jasmin Lai – Art/Concept
Nick Pittom - Development/Art
Daniel Sproll – UX/Development
Jason Storey – Coder/Development
Jasper Trenfield – Animation"


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