Tana Pura - MIKE TUCKER (US)

3 Min  |  Real-Time Animation

What is it like to die? That is the question at the heart of Tana Pura, an audio-visual exploration of the moments following death and the soul's transition into the afterlife. With haunting music composed by Jonny Greenwood, Tana Pura draws inspiration from The Tibetan Book of the Dead and The Psychedelic Experience.


Currently working in content for Magic Leap. Formerly interactive director at Universal Everything. Spoke at Resonate, Bauhaus, and Goldsmiths. Worked at Hi-ReS! as a designer/developer. Lived in NYC a while back, and did similar work for Syrup NYC and Big Spaceship. Before that, studied at VCU for Graphic Design. Grew up in Virginia. Born in Boston, MA. 

Video demo.


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