The Night Café - MAC CAULEY (US)

3 Mins  |  Real-Time Experience

THE NIGHT CAFÉ is an immersive VR environment that allows you to explore the world of Vincent van Gogh first hand. Take a moment to enjoy his iconic sunflowers in 3 dimensions or walk around the chair he painted in his bedroom to see it from another angle. Step into the vivid colors straight from his palette.


I have always had an interest in bringing worlds and characters to life through various creative means. When I was a kid I would use stop motion and later hand drawn animation to make films. Later, I got into 3D animation and eventually started creating interactive experiences. Virtual reality is a medium that I have dreamed about since my early days experimenting with animation. My first big project was The Night Café, an attempt to bring to life Vincent van Gogh’s paintings in a 3D environment. My recently established company, Borrowed Light Studios, aims to bring worlds and characters to life in new ways using VR.


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