Maotik et Fraction

Maotik et Fraction (FR)

MUTEK 2013, montreal


Immersive audiovisual performance

"In the fields of science and technique that have built the Western world, We have only conceived machines dedicated to increasing speed. The person who would invent a slowing down apparatus would be regarded as an absurd man." Paul Virilio

Artist duo Maotik and Fraction take over the Satosphère for the entire duration of the festival to present their live immersive performance Dromos, result of the conceptualisation of the work of French thinker Paul Virilio.

Several years ago, after noticing the impact of speed in the organisation of our societies, French philosopher and architect Paul Virilio develops the concept of dromology (the science of speed in human society).

He sets the grounds for a new paradigm around new technologies, the way we interact with them and he starts questioning our future.

The artists take these innovative ideas on board to create Dromos, a technical and metaphorical allegory of an audio visual universe where the so called “mediatic” speed is the main factor of interaction between media.

 They immerge the audience in a sensorial landscape undergoing constant construction and deconstruction leading to aesthetics accidents, mutant movements and poetical moments.

Thrown in the midst of this organism fighting against its own temporality, the audience experiences each part (aspect/moment) of the show through the flow of granular textures, broken (unstructured) beats and generative visuals.

A real time immersive performance specially made for the satosphère.


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