Video Interview with Señor Coconut's Uwe Schmidt

Shot on site during MUTEK 2010

Taïca Replansky - 05 de octubre de 2010
Video Interview with Señor Coconut's Uwe Schmidt

Perhaps one of the most prolific and ceaselessly inventive personalities to come out of the electronic music community since the 1990s, Uwe Schmidt, the man behind Señor Coconut, has accumulated literally dozens of aliases, personas, and musical directions over the course of his illustrious career.

Too restless and creative to be boxed into one style, Schmidt began expanding his horizons, a drive that eventually led to the creation of his own Rather Interesting label and a career-defining move from Germany to Chile, where he quickly became engrained in the new Latin American techno that was beginning to find international footing.

From there he moved on to his most recognizable projects, including Señor Coconut.


MUTEKMAG Interview: Señor Coconut's Uwe Schmidt from MUTEK on Vimeo.


Señor Coconut and his Orchestra will be performing October 29, 2010, as part of MUTEK's program at the Festival Internacional Cervantino.


Interview and footage shot during MUTEK 2010 in Montreal.

Interviewer: Lucinda Catchlove
Camera, Sound, Editing: Stephen Valin
Production Coordinator: Erin Whittaker

Photo: Miguel Legault

  • 2010
  • video
  • interview

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