Q&A with The Wire and King Midas Sound

Shot on site during MUTEK 2010

Taïca Replansky - 09 de mayo de 2011
Q&A with The Wire and King Midas Sound

The fourth and final session of four 2010 artist Q&A sessions features Kevin Martin of KING MIDAS SOUND.

Consistently ahead of the curve and one of modern music’s great originals, King Midas Sound’s Kevin Martin has been at the core of more than his fair share of visionary acts in the past two decades. Whether as the driving force behind The Bug, Razor X Productions, Techno Animal or simply as a collaborator to such genre-bending bands as Justin Broadrick’s Godflesh or Sonic Boom’s Experimental Audio Research, Martin has carved out a discography for himself as one of bass music’s true pioneers. With King Midas Sound, Martin delivers his most accessible and hypnotic work to date, drifting into the haunted territory of early Tricky and Massive Attack with the help of vocalist Hitomi and dub poet Roger Robinson.

Shot on site during MUTEK 2010, the four Q&A sessions serve as a preview to DIGI_SECTION, our professional conference series that makes up an integral part of our festival each year.


Interviewer: Derek Walmsley, The Wire
Camera, Sound, Editing: Meg Hewings

Production Coordinator: Patti Schmidt

Photo by Miguel Legault, miglego.com

  • 2010
  • video
  • interview

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