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Zip DE

NOCTURNE 5: Jazzed For Gyration
26 de agosto de 2017, 23:00 - 06:00
DJ set: 03:35 - 06:00
DJ y productor alemán Thomas Franzmann, también conocido como Dimbiman, Pantytec (con Sammy Dee) y Narcotic Syntax (con James Dean Brown)
Trippy, deep, minimal tech-house
Fabric Records, Perlon
Últimos Trabajos
Fabric 67 (2012)
Co-fundador de la etiqueta exclusiva de vinilo Perlon, residente desde hace mucho tiempo en Panorama Bar, con las noches Get Perlonized que se presenta mensualmente desde 2005
Montréal: 2009 con Ricardo Villalobos; como Dimbiman, Montréal: 2006; como miembro del super grupo Narod Niki, Montréal: 2003, Montréal 2017
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Resident Advisor
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Infamous as a founder of culty, long form, minimal, micro-house defining techno label Perlon, whose aesthetic reverberates through the underground today, 20 years after its founding, Franzmann ranks as one of electronic music's legendary figures. Known for his epic DJ sets incorporating all manner of strange field samples and backwards accordion, to chanson and crude loops of vibrant salsa, Zip is a DJ as distinctive as he is experienced.

Born in Oberhausen, Germany, he began his musical career in 1986 as singer of the band Second Voice and later was a member of the EBM band Bigod 20. In 1996 he got together with bandmate Markus Nikolai and graphic designer Chris Rehberger to form the audiovisual project Pile, which lead the following year to the founding of the Perlon label. Since 1997, the label has been defining the dancefloor and catapulting artists like Baby Ford, Ricardo Villalobos, Luciano, Soulphiction, Margaret Dygas, STL, A Guy Called Gerald, Shackleton, The Mole, Akufen, a veritable pantheon of stars, into orbit. His own production resumé and discography boasts piles of releases, collaborations and a constant refining of dance music's ever-evolving ethos.

MUTEK is thrilled to welcome him back for an exclusive appearance as Zip in Montréal, for an extended DJ set closing out the Saturday all-nighter at Métropolis. Equally inventive and hedonistic, Zip’s eccentric and ambitious long form sets are an hypnotic journey and a joy to belt-up and get down to.


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