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Édition 18

Nicola Cruz EC

NOCTURNE 6: Other Hemispheres
27 de agosto de 2017, 19:00 - 02:25
Live: 23:25 - 00:35
DJ y productor ecuatoriano
Electro-cumbia, Andes Step
ZZK Records, Multi Culti
Últimos Trabajos
Siku (2019)
Se presentó en Boiler Room Tulum, Mexico en 2016
Mexico 2016
Official Website

Chromatic, organic and spiritual, Cruz’s sound — which he playfully refers to as Andes Step — marries a sense of the natural beauty and folkloric rituals of his native Ecuador with a more contemporary, electronic sound palette.
With a background in music as a drummer, Cruz’s compositions are heavily percussive, incorporating traditional Andean instruments including the marimba and the rhythms of electrified Cumbia.

Of South American heritage, but born in Limoges, France Cruz has since returned to his roots, now living in Quito, Ecuador. His break came through another Western-born South American producer, Nicolas Jaar, after he sent a track and Jaar ended up taking Cruz on tour in the U.S. Respectfully and cleverly integrating indigenous and latin melodies and rhythms, the end result is heavily analogue, unique and compellingly fresh. Having made a name for himself in Latin America with distinctive remixes, for his own music, Cruz also often collaborates with singers Huaira Ukay and Tanya Sanchez. For the single Tzantza (the title referring to the practice of shrinking heads by the Shuar people of Ecuador and Peru), Cruz teamed up with Brazilian artist Renata Chebel to create a video that added a psychedelic visual component to the already hypnotic music.

Cruz’s intricate and fluid sets of dubby Andean downtempo are an immersive and somatic experience. Making full use of hardware controllers onstage his approach is overwhelmingly warm and tactile with a bright sense of spontaneity. His performance as part of Sunday night's usual soft landing, marks Cruz’s debut in Montréal.


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