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Édition 18

Graham Dunning UK

INTER_CONNECT London: This Wheel's on Fire
23 de agosto de 2017, 21:30 - 00:45
Live - Estreno en Norte America: 21:55 - 22:25
Artista, intérprete y curador de Londres, Graham Dunning
Tocadiscos experimentales, hacker de cintas y máquinas, techno mecánico, algo-rave
Fractal Meat Cuts , Seagrave, Entr'acte , Arell , Tombed Visions
Últimos Trabajos
Auxon (2016), Oval (with Colin Webster, 2016), Memory's Head (2016)
Dunning es residente de Somerset House Studios en Londres
Montréal: 2017
Boiler Room

DIY scientist, installation artist and musical maverick Graham Dunning is obsessed with dust, scratches, the detritus of cultural artifacts and dismantling techno. Using a variety of media including found tape, dubplates, field recordings and hacked electronic devices, he makes music in a variety of styles but he is most known for what he calls mechanical techno. This technique includes tracks built from loops created by stacking doctored vinyl and dubplates on a single turntable and using electrical contacts to trigger instruments from synths and cowbells to woofers removed from speaker systems.

Living and working in London, UK he is fully self-taught as an artist and a musician and over the past several years he has been extremely prolific in his collaborations, releases and performances. He teaches Experimental Sound Art at the Mary Ward Centre in London, gives various workshops, and performs his unique act both solo and in ensembles across Europe. He has also exhibited several of his kinetic A/V installations as far as New Zealand and USA. He is currently in residency at London’s prestigious Somerset House which has so far included the curating of Dismantle Yourself, an event in which several artists held a performance inspired by rave culture making heavy use of homemade devices, hacked circuitry and instrument triggers to deliver a performance that dissected the rhythms and motivations of house and techno.

A mind-boggling performer, he juggles multiple home made devices to create beautifully organic, wonky techno, with the vinyl sampling and instrument triggering happening in real time. A mad genius that is meant to be witnessed live.

With the support of the British Council and Somerset House



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