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Édition 18

Polar Inertia FR

Red Bull Music Academy presents NOCTURNE 4: Widescreen Macheen Dreems
25 de agosto de 2017, 22:00 - 02:35
Live: 22:45 - 23:55
Parisian, mystery-shrouded musical and conceptual project
A vaporous mix of techno's future-past, eerie sci-fi synth abstractions
Semantica, Dement3d Records
Últimos Trabajos
Passive Synthesis track sur 10.IX EP (2017), XLR8R Mix (2016), Kinematic Optics EP (2015)
Also produce ambitious multimedia art exhibitions; Polar Inertia's name comes from French cultural theorist Paul Virilio's book on technology driving our hypermodern state of inertia
Resident Advisor
The Quietus
Secret Thirteen
Eliptik Magazine

An experiment in welding techno's darkly intense club facets to electronic composition's intellectual concerns, Polar Inertia assembles varied states of mind into full-scale psychic landscapes.

While machines brought the duo together, live investigations of texture, slowness and inertia are at the conceptual core of Polar Inertia's evolution, a musical project within a polymorphic artistic inquiry. Since 2010, Polar Inertia has collaborated with artists and authors on stage and in gallery exhibitions incorporating texts, photography, print, video and other mediums – from a solo exhibition at Abilene Gallery in Brussels, where a 40-minute long performance became their Kinematic Optics EP, a 360 degree video installation and live show at Gaité Lyrique in Paris, and a set at the Triennial of Contemporary Art in Tbilisi, Georgia. While ambitious underground Parisian collective Dement3d has released the majority of Polar Inertia's recordings, Madrid's Semantica recently included the surging 12 minute-long “Passive Synthesis"– the whole enterprise will wrap up conceptually after 5 EPs (each named after a chapter of Virilio's book) and an album.

Shrouded in fog and rhythmic reverb, the cryptic production duo embeds a rare musicality within its hard analog layers. Polar Inertia brings their vaporous mix of ambient and techno to MUTEK's big stage on Friday with a step into noise-saturated, post-trance glacial terrain.


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