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Édition 18

Cecilia aka BABI AUDI CA

INTER_CONNECT México: N.A.A.F.I Presenta Noche De Ritmos Periféricos
24 de agosto de 2017, 21:30 - 03:00
Live: 21:30 - 21:45
NYC via Montreal-based producer Mélissa Gagné
Cine-sonic narratives, collage-y ambient, expressive vocals
HOSS Records, Halcyon Veil, Grooming
Últimos Trabajos
Charity Whore EP (2017), Mommy Dust (2016), Club Dead LTD (2015)
Her latest record is out on Yves Tumor's new Grooming Label
You Tube

Entirely captivating and emotionally unsettling, Cecilia's sound evolved out of a dissociative metamorphosis of her alter-ego BABI AUDI, her music and the video work that often accompanies it drawing on dream-like collages of avant-garde cinema, amping up her minimal electronic atmospheres with edges of operatic flare.

After growing up in the village of Kamouraska, Québec, Gagné taught herself guitar and began creating experimental plays and visual installations shortly after she moved to Montréal to study philosophy and literature – but music's expressive capabilities eventually immersed her in listening and songwriting. As Babi Audi, she recently created the personally driven, cinema-inspired 6 Page Letter (in reference to pop artist Aaliyah's 90s slow-jam 4 Page Letter), a video album of original tracks and remixes for DIS Magazine. She created a similar collage atmosphere in her RBMA Choice Mix of originals and samples from film and pop, jazz and classical music. Cecilia's latest release, Charity Whore, is an album and a continuous 21-minute video project in search of a state of grace, drawing on feverish sonic memories, reciting fairytales from hell and prayers to pain, and featuring artist D3ad6oy – a hallucinatory and haunting project fittingly supported by experimental musician and producer Yves Tumor's new imprint. She's currently working on a project for Rabit's experimental and deconstructive club music, Halcyon Veil label.

After recently performing Charity Whore as part of Never Apart's Off-Site event at the legendary adult Cinéma L'Amour, Cecilia brings her own abstract twists to the peripheral rhythms of NAAFI collective's urban underground artists.


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