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Édition 18

Shiva Feshareki UK

Don’t Assume: NTS Radio On Stage 2
26 de agosto de 2017, 21:00 - 00:52
Live - Estreno en Norte America: 21:45 - 22:45
British composer, turntablist and DJ Shiva Feshareki
Eclectic cross-genre sampling, analogue and bespoke electronics, physicality of sound, tone-and texture-driven acoustic instrumentation
Últimos Trabajos
Live at Uniqlo Tate (2017); A présenté l’œuvre de Daphne Oram Still Point pour double orchestre, disques 78 tours et microphones au festival londonien Deep∞Minimalism (2016)
Hosts and produces NTS radio show New Forms; recently commissioned Éliane Radigue and Lee Gamble to compose music for an acoustic performance in a cave
You Tube
London Music Master
Attn Mag

Entire orchestras surge around their own reconstructed echos, accented in electric tones and scratches in the inquiring hands of Shiva Feshareki. A classical composer skilled in live sampling, turntablism and deep improvisation, Feshareki meshes artistic worlds in her music – from symphonies to d'n'b – perpetually altering them with new gesture and movement.

Feshareki began improvising her own compositions by the age of five, sneaking onto her brother’s Casio keyboard before she began to study music formally, at age 10. She became the UK National Youth Orchestra’s resident composer, experimented with turntables and the sound of electricity in a classical music context, graduated from the Royal College of Music, won eminent composition awards and performed at major venues. Fascinated with Daphne Oram's approaches to live electronic manipulation of acoustic material and sound as a physically experienced phenomenon – Feshareki and fellow composer James Bulley performed Oram's 'Still Point' on 78 rpm vinyl and mics alongside the London Contemporary Orchestra in 2016. Feshareki's recent live show at Uniqlo Tate featured manipulations of Eliane Radigue, Daphne Oram, M.E.S.H, Villem and McLeod alongside a movement-sensitive sound-altering sculpture by artist Haroon Mirza installed on a turntable. For her aptly named New Forms radio show, she records collaborations with other artists off-site – in studios, on stage, under bridges – and cuts the material onto dubplates, manipulating them live on air in an inspired metamorphosis.

Drawing on her spatialized site-specific works and turntablist techniques, as well as recent performances with cellist Natalie Klein and the London Contemporary Orchestra, Feshareki packs up hundreds of samples and four decks to perform her new forms at MUTEK in the context of an NTS Radio showcase.

Presented by NTS Radio with the support of Arts Council England.


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