international festival
of digital creativity
and electronic music
Édition 18

Wooky ES

INTER_CONNECT Barcelona: Mélodies cyliques i mutant
25 de agosto de 2017, 21:00 - 02:45
Estreno en Norte America: 21:45 - 22:35
Panel: Barcelona Imaginaries
25 de agosto de 2017, 14:30 - 15:45
Orador: 14:30 - 15:45
El músico electrónico con sede en Barcelona y director del festival Lapsus, Albert Salinas
Electrónica melodica, IDM-breaks
Lapsus Records, spa.RK
Una figura clave en la música electrónica española, el estilo de Wooky sigue una dirección siempre divergente a través de melodías épicas y paisajes cinematográficos rítmicos. Recientemente, se embarcó en una aventura ambiental con el codirector de Lapsus records bRUNA en Split EP Archives, un exuberante experimento para impulsar los límites musicales y las expectativas de vanguardia.
Barcelona: 2014 (Wooky with Videocratz) Montréal: 2017 (Wooky & Alba G. Corral)
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Harmony transcends sound as Wooky and long-time collaborator Alba G. Corral envelope everything in their path in synergistic performance – melodies stream into a pool of light, abstract figures launch into flight, beating out an emerging pattern as changeable and intrepid as the music.

A key figure in Spanish electronic music, Wooky's style follows an ever-diverging direction through epic melodies and rhythmic cinemascapes. He most recently embarked on an ambient adventure with Lapsus records co-director bRUNA in split EP Archives, a lush experiment in pushing musical boundaries and avant-garde expectations – they boldly debuted the project live at Sónar 2016. With a background in creative computer engineering, Corral combines her own coding for generative systems with improvised drawing and cinematic sensibilities, her colourful abstract narratives spanning live music, video, digital media and installations. As central to Spain's electronic music scene as Wooky, she's achieved artistic synchronicity on stage with collaborators such as Stendhal Syndrome, Villalobos, Loderbauer, Shackleton, Jon Hopkins and Lorr, performing at Sónar, Primavera Sound and Elevate.

Live, Wooky and Corral sync roving, inquisitive music with spectacular visuals that fill the entire stage, overwhelming the space and our senses while freeing our minds.

With the support of Institut Ramon Llull and Barcelona City Council.



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