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Édition 18

BSLC & Groj CA

23 de agosto de 2017, 17:00 - 23:00
Live Analogue Cosmique - Live - Estreno Mundial: 22:00 - 23:00
Montréal producers Kevin Jamey (aka Groj) and Jérôme Guilleaume (aka BSLC, Bassilus C, Archibald Singleton)
Intricate grooving hardware cooked techno
Unlog, Klangwelt, Traum Schallplatten, Loki Recordings
Últimos Trabajos
Brain Damage (Bassilus C, 2015), Love You Do (Groj, 2016)
Groj co-runs the Canadian imprint Box Records; BSLC is a key member of The Gulf Stream and local collective and music blog Unlog
Montréal: 2011, Groj; Montréal: 2015, as Bassilus C, 2011, 2012 with The Gulf Stream
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Peppered with nautical blips and squelchy acid patterns, creating a hypnotic, immersive aural bath of slow builds, micro-rhythms and playful, deep grooves, BSLC and Groj create a froth of melodic techno with their hardware-centric approach.

A seance between two mainstays of Montréal's electronic scene, BSLC (shorthand for Bassilus C) is the alter-ego of producer and sound artist Jérôme Guilleaume who is better known as one half of Montréal electronic duo The Gulf Stream. Born in Brussels, his family relocated to Québec when he was young and he has since made it his home. After graduating from UQAM in 2008 with a degree in linguistics he has been working in the city as a sound engineer, musician, and scene-catalyst with local collective Unlog. Kevin Jamey (aka Groj) was born in Montréal to French parents but grew up between Grenoble, France and Sydney, Australia before returning to the city in 2005. An obsession with his mum’s collection of krautrock and kosmische records led him to experiment as a teenager with a drum kit and an old Yamaha DX7. He has released a slew of EPs over the past few years on local and international labels as well as running his own imprint, Box Records.

The debut performance of this unique collaboration between the two producers conjures a heavily improvised live hardware session that sings and moves in equal measure.


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