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Édition 18

Imaginary Landscape CA

Don’t Assume: NTS Radio On Stage 2
26 de agosto de 2017, 21:00 - 00:52
: 22:50 - 23:10
Montréal-based composer, multi-instrumentalist and sound artist Pierre-Luc Lecours, video and sound artist Myriam Boucher (both also in QUADr), and bass clarinet player Charlotte Layec
Audiovisual performance experiments, electroacoustic improvisation
Últimos Trabajos
La performance Imaginary Landscape (2017)
Imaginary Landscape is named in tribute to John Cage's series for acoustic and electric instruments and other sound-making objects
Montréal: 2016, with QUADr
Website Pierre-Luc Lecours
Website Myriam Boucher

An audiovisual composition performed on bass clarinet, synthesizer and gramophone (using recorded samples and the machine's percussive metal horn) as live video is projected directly on the players, Imaginary Landscape creates new imaginary spaces for the performers and audience.

Aligned with the artists' intentions to shape emotionally resonant live art experiences, the project combines Boucher's sensitive and polymorphic focus on the organic relationship between sound and image with Lecours's wide range of compositional approaches and the improvisational talents of Layec's clarinet interventions. All three artists have participated in numerous collaborative and solo projects: Boucher as a keyboardist turned visual artist working on the real-time dialogue between music and visuals; Lecours as a composer and producer on albums, film soundtracks, theatre, digital applications and experimental work; and Layec in numerous recitals and forays into new music with her instrument. Along with performing in QUADr, Boucher and Lecours also collaborate in instrumental group Music for Money with Jérémie Jones and François Girouard, performing live and composing for film, TV, theatre and dance productions.

Imaginary Landscape mixes acoustic and electronic sounds with integrated audio-reactive visuals to reveal new dynamics between instruments, players, sound and images as the performance evolves on stage.


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