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Édition 18

Racine & Wolski CA

Don’t Assume: NTS Radio On Stage 1
25 de agosto de 2017, 21:00 - 02:50
Estreno Mundial: 21:00 - 22:00
Montréal producer Julien Racine and video artist Casper Wolski
Haunting, cinematic dark ambience
Últimos Trabajos
Des Milliers de Fenêtres (2017)
Racine is also one-half of Dolphin Dream Pyramids
Racine: Montréal: 2015

Racine's densely-textured soundscapes and rumbling bass is buried under static, layered with concentric melodies and looping arpeggiations that ebb and flow — linked to Wolski's recontextualised archival footage, animation and 3D simulation, their work is by turns intimate, heartbreakingly desolate and brimming with an overwhelming resonance that comes across like the birth of a singularity.

Julien Racine is a multidisciplinary sound artist and performer based in Montréal. Since 2013, he has been actively self-releasing albums as Racine, Rabieto and as a member of Dolphin Dream Pyramids. Composing in a variety of styles ranging from techno to film soundtracks, his latest album Des milliers de fenêtres leans ambient in nature and marks his first release for Montréal’s Archipel Musique. Casper Wolski is a filmmaker and video artist also based in Montréal. Employing a variety of animation and editing techniques including the repurposing of images from digital archives, Wolksi’s work is informed by experimental avant-garde cinema. Live he plays with aspect ratio and refiguration to comment on modes of digital representation. Des milliers de fenêtres: vers l’autre monde qui est le nôtre is the continuation of a collaborative relationship that the artists have fostered for the past 5 years.

Performing live together, with a heavily improvisational and tactile focus, Racine and Wolski intertwine their audio and visual skills to create a dynamic and conceptual audiovisual set projected in a vertical format designed to mimic a mobile device.


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