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Édition 18

Dis Fig DE/US

EXPÉRIENCE Berlin: CTM Festival presents Berlin Current
26 de agosto de 2017, 15:00 - 00:00
DJ set: 20:30 - 22:00
Berlin-based by way of NYC producer and DJ Felicia Chen
Nomadic experiments in club genre crossing, trap and urban sonics, hip hop and R&B anthems unsettled
Purple Tape Pedigree
Últimos Trabajos
Dis Fig Mix pour The Astral Plane
An integral part of Berlin’s Trade party series; hosts monthly show Call Dibs on Berlin Community Radio.
You Tube
Resident Advisor

Street culture collides with techno 2.0 micro-scenes in Dis Fig's heady dancefloor anarchy, spinning darkly atmospheric backdrops into anthemic lyrics with unsettling beats and cerebral holy moments.

Dis Fig rose up as a member of New York label and collective Purple Tape Pedigree (PTP), run by Geng and other artists as an incubator for Jersey club, grime, techno, baile, ballroom, rap and R&B mutations. After moving to Berlin in 2014, Dis Fig joined Berlin's Trade party series, home to Lotic, Soda Plains, Why Be, KABLAM and Mechatok – the city is also where she paired up with with fellow Brooklynite producer Hunni'd Jaws to become fearless outsider duo Call Dibs, co-hosting an experimental radio show dedicated to “hyperspace textures of club-construction bass music.” Her latest mix, for music site The Astral Plane, is a dense recipe of dark and light textures, rap and R&B vocals in an experimental club music abyss.

In the past year, she's played numerous club and festival shows in Europe, China and NYC, two Boiler Room sets – at NYC's PTP party and at fashion event Bread & Butter in Berlin – and opened Berghain's new Säule floor. Dis Fig comes to MUTEK to perform alongside fellow urban genre-disruptors on as part of the CTM-curated outdoor stage.

Presented in collaboration with CTM Festival with the support of Initiative Musik


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