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Sarah Farina DE

EXPÉRIENCE Berlin: CTM Festival presents Berlin Current
26 de agosto de 2017, 15:00 - 00:00
DJ set - Esrteno Canadianse: 16:05 - 17:55
Berlin DJ, producer and promoter
Rainbowbass, footwork, grime and garage chops
Through My Speakers
Últimos Trabajos
Live au festival Fusion
Founding member of Berlin/London Through My Speakers collective Rec Room is her regular residency at OHM.
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Footwork, breakbeats and R&B motifs surf on bass-heavy and futuristic grooves — always kinetic, innovative and upbeat, Farina has tagged her style, rainbowbass.

She learned to play guitar growing up in the shadow of the Alps in Allgäu, Germany, but was swallowed up by club culture when she moved to Berlin.
As major influences, the unholy mingling of Aphex Twin, Timbaland, Boards of Canada and Metalheadz spurred her passion for beat-making and beat-matching, while serving as a perfect portrait for her continued pursuit to combine all the colours of otherwise disparate genres in her sets. Deeply insinuated into the Berlin scene now, her other enthusiasms led her to found the production collective Through My Speakers in 2010, which later expanded to include a record label to promote underground DJs and producers across Europe. While well known for her focus and blending of other people's music, she ventured into producing her own material a few years ago, but like many perfectionists has been keeping her material close and secret, for now.

Her chops as a DJ are on display in 3 acclaimed Boiler Room sets and global demand for her wide-ranging style has been jetting her around the planet. Expect a diverse, bass-centric set full of sly smiles as Farina represents Berlin's sonic and demographic shifts as part of the CTM festival curated stage, outside on Saturday.

Presented in collaboration with CTM Festival with the support of Initiative Musik.


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