international festival
of digital creativity
and electronic music
Édition 18


A powerhouse of contemporary culture, a trendsetting metropolis and a constant source of forward thinking new music and art, London comes to MUTEK with the partnership of the British Council. Along with both an outdoor and indoor program of music and audiovisual performances, the festival will also host resident digital artists as part of an exchange with the Barbican. Somerset House Studios will be represented by several of their residents and will curate one of their signature Nocturnal City events, while other discursive activities led by Sound Diplomacy will investigate issues relevant to music cities such as London and Montréal.

DIGI LAB: Somerset House - Nocturnal City
23.08 | 1:30pm-5:45pm | Monument-National (Cabaret du 4e) 

This special edition of Nocturnal City in collaboration with MUTEK It invites artists and festival participants in Montreal and beyond to join the conversation and celebrate the future of a vibrant culture, with contributions from Studios residents LaTurbo Avedon, Estela Oliva, Paul Purgas, and Studio director Marie McPartlin.

23.08 | 12pm-2pm | Place des arts 

Reginald Omas Mamode IV (LDN) - DJ set

23.08 | 5pm-11pm | Esplanade de la Place des Arts 

Beatrice Dillon (LDN) / Bambooman (LDN) / BSLC & Groj - Live Analogue Cosmique (MTL) / Moma (MTL) / Reginald Omas Mamode IV (LDN) / revlux (MTL)

23.08 | 9:30pm-3pm | SAT

Alexis Langevin-Tetrault (MTL) / Graham Dunning (LDN) / Myriam Bleau (MTL) / Sculpture (LDN) / Sensate Focus (LDN)

EXHIBITION: Subversions of Reality 
22.08-27.08 | 12pm-9pm | Espace culturel Georges-Émile-Lapalme de la Place des Arts  

In collaboration with the Barbican and Milieux Institute for Arts, Culture and Technology

This exhibition convenes work by the artist cohort known as alt.barbican. Part of an incubator-accelerator residency of the Barbican and Trampery in London, England it is also a collaboration with MUTEK and Concordia University’s Milieux Institute for Arts, Culture and Technology. The project also has a reciprocal side called alt.MUTEK, which involves the same partners, but is supported by the Ville de Montréal. Also included in this exhibition, as part of MUTEK’s Inter_Connect project that features London, England as one of four cultural metropoles, is work from an artist currently in residence at Somerset House Studios.

This project is supported by the ministère de la Culture et des Communications and the Ville de Montréal as part of the Entente sur le développement culturel de Montréal. 


Inter_Connect London is presented with the support of the British Council



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