MUTEK 2011: A Record Year!

MUTEK's 13th edition will take place May 30 to June 3, 2012

14 de junio de 2011
MUTEK 2011: A Record Year!

After five supercharged days, the MUTEK Montreal team is extremely pleased to announce that the festival’s 12th edition saw a 50% rise in attendance as compared to 2010, by which MUTEK continues to demonstrate its ever-growing value within Montreal’s vibrant cultural fabric. Audience numbers were most notably augmented by four consecutive nights at the Metropolis – a first in the festival’s history.

The 2011 headliners certainly didn’t disappoint! Always emboldened to present the most cutting edge blend of electronic music and digital art, the first night of MUTEK set the tone for the days to follow when AMON TOBIN’s ISAM Live blew away all expectations of what a live electronic act could accomplish on stage. On Thursday, MURCOF’s highly anticipated return toMUTEKwas fortified by his new collaboration with ANTIVJ; the result was a hallucinatory and transcendental three-dimensional audio-visual experience the likes of which hadn’t been seen at the festival for years. Friday, Plastikman was given the challenge of raising the bar even further, a task he ably took on and conquered, selling out the Metropolis after a seven-year wait. Saturday’s British invasion featured co-headliners FOUR TET and JAMES HOLDEN solidifying their respective holds on their particular corners of the electronic world. The festival ended on a very high note Sunday night with the world premiere of Marc Leclair’s HORROR INC, a cinematic undertaking that took its producer’s rhythmic template in Akufen and set it to the textures and soundscapes of bygone suspense films.

Throughout the five days, thrilling discoveries were to be found at every turn. Firmly at the top of that list was Austrian live-electronics trio ELEKTRO GUZZI, who walked into Saturday night unknowns in Montreal and walked away a festival favourite after their perfectly executed set in front of a packed Metropolis audience. On Sunday night, Cobblestone Jazz’s DANUEL TATE managed the same feat going solo, relying only on his strong musicianship and a striking feel for a willing crowd. British duo Sculpture, meanwhile, offered one of the most original shows of the year with their zoetropic picture-discs. Add to that list the likes of ARP, CHANCHA VIA CIRCUITO, RADIQ, SUN ARAW, WAREIKA, and others, and you end up with a portrait of a 2011 edition that was as equally about what people didn’t know as much as it was about what people had come to expect.

Of course, MUTEK is also a series of free outdoor events that grow bigger with each passing year. For this 12th edition, alongside the wide-eyed projections and brilliant light sculptures of Extra_Muros, the festival set down a base for the first time at Place de la Paix and Berri UQAM metro, introducing the city and festivalgoers to emerging Quebecois talents. Furthermore, the festival had the opportunity to inaugurate the Foodlab – a SAT collaboration, putting urban cuisine and rural foods into hands of well-known guest chefs and the mouths of festivalgoers.

We are extremely satisfied with the exceptional results of a 12th edition that destroyed all previous attendance records, even surpassing the groundbreaking heights of our 10th anniversary in 2009 by 20%. MUTEK’s reputation on the international scene is now firmly unparalleled, as the festival’s network abroad grows stronger by the year. Be sure to stay tuned as we announce upcoming events in Mexico and Europe this fall.

And the 13th edition of MUTEK will take place from May 30th to June 3rd, 2012!

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