Opascope (CA)

Opascope is a multimedia project creating a hybrid of processed analog and digital sounds with a live video compliment. The music pieces are composed through a file sharing process using laptop computers. Parts are performed and recorded in real-time.Jason's musical background spans 10 years. In that time his primary focus has been on electronic music. He works as a sound engineer in and out of the studio and has toured Europe & North America extensively working as a front of house technician.Gary Joynes draws from a long history in progressive music and audio engineering. It was 4 years ago that the ever increasing release rate of innovative electronic music took hold and changed his focus. During this time he immersed himself in the history of electronica and soon realized his passion was to create synthesis based minimal music. Working as a graphic designer, he also developes and performs the video elements present in Opascope's live performances. His visuals are abstractly based on architectural form both constructed and deconstructed. They also deal with the emotions one is confronted with when passing by the sometimes cold and austere shapes we call home. The visual perception of these things are closely related to what he envisions when composing his music.


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