Sonya Stefan

Sonya Stefan (CA/QC)

Sonya Stefan creates hybrid film/video cine-danses that combine lo-fi technologies with movement ideas and develops them into live performance pieces or screen-based works. Sonya is co-founder of groop*index which is a Montreal-based collective of filmmakers and visual artists and has just completed a residency/performance in Poitiers, France with Nyktalop Melodie exploring throw-away technologies such as VHS/Hi 8/Mini DV and 16mm film. Through a collaboration with Bande Interdite and the support CALQ/CAC as well as residencies at Studio 303 and Circuit Est Centre Choreographic, Sonya's cine-danse Salon-double was presented at Agora de la Danse in 2013. Presently she is editing her first full-length fiction Living Room Dances as well as premiering Annuaire at the Musée d'art contemporain de Montréal within the 2014 Mutek festival.


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