Rumbo Tumba

Rumbo Tumba (AR)

Rumbo Tumba is a musician, producer and multi-instrumentalist working on Andean music from a digital perspective. At live show, he is a one man orchestra, who performs bass, charango, siku & percussion, recording samples, looping and mixing in real time, generating a dance floor flow 100% free of software.

The music of Rumbo Tumba seems an exploration lab of south american sound textures: traditional instruments and rhythmics are re-elaborated in loops and fusioned with other beats over firm bass grooves and percussion.

The result proposes a journey that crosses the calm of the mountain, the mystery of the river and the incessant dynamics of the great city, interwoven in a magic sound 
spell that prompts the dance.

MUTEK Buenos Aires 2018
MUTEK 2018, buenos-aires

Centro Cultural San Martín

Play 2 - Outdoor Stage
MUTEK 2018, buenos-aires

Plaza Seca, El Cultural San Martín


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